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Infinera’s fibre-deep access solution redefines speed and simplicity for cable operators


Infinera, a developer of Intelligent Transport Networks, has launched what it is calling “a low-cost packet-optical aggregation and transport solution purpose-built to accelerate and simplify the delivery of high-speed, low-latency services in access networks”. The new 1.6 terabit High- Density Ethernet Aggregator (HDEA) enables network operators to cost-efficiently address key operational and service deployment challenges in fibre-deep access environments, including Distributed Access Architectures in cable networks and 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) transport infrastructure. “The rapid pace of migration from 1G to 10G connectivity in access networks will create economic and operational Optical transceiver and component vendor Precision OT, has launched Lightseer, a machine learning-powered software- defined networking (SDN) application designed to monitor and analyse the physical layer of an optical software-defined network. The company claims the new product is the first software of its kind that can provide network administrators with real-time data all the way down to transceivers and individual optical links. “At Precision OT, we believe software-defined networks and white box technologies will aid in the operability of 5G networks, metro ethernet, hybrid fibre-coax networks and more,” says Todd Davis, CEO of Precision OT. “By covering all aspects of real-time optical monitoring and being compatible with a wide variety of white box

challenges for operators, and nowhere is this more evident than in the move to DAA within cable access networks,” commented Heidi Adams, Senior Research Director, IP & Optical Networks, at analyst IHS- Markit. “Space constraints, power efficiency, and cable management are all key concerns when introducing large-scale aggregation into hub-site locations. Infinera’s new HDEA platform tackles these challenges head-on.” The new HDEA, part of Infinera’s XTM Series, is an access-optimised packet- optical aggregator that integrates optical transport capabilities, Metro Ethernet Forum Carrier Ethernet 2.0-compliant Layer 2 Ethernet functionality and programmable software control, including direct access via OpenFlow. networking equipment, Lightseer meets the demand to ease logistical complexity and improve network intelligence.” Key features of Precision OT’s proprietary application include real-time optical monitoring showing the state and integrity of the complete optical network; wavelength density monitoring for CWDM/DWDM networks; compatibility with a large variety of white box networking equipment equipment; live management and configuration of optics deployed in the software- defined network (inventory, tuning, etc.) and machine learning for predictive analytics to forecast optical failures and anomalies before they cause network downtime. and off-the-shelf SDN controllers; integration with legacy networking

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Precision OT launches machine learning-powered SDN application

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