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SettingGoals for aGreat

A t the start of every new year, many people turn their attention to setting goals. For me though, setting goals is a year-round thing. I believe you need to have goals, whether they’re big or small, so you don’t end up wandering through the year aimlessly. You need to have a destination in mind. I’m a big fan of authors and speakers Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins. Throughout their respective careers, they wrote a lot on goal-setting. They’ve been great teachers, helping me to visualize my own goals. They talk about what works and what doesn’t. If you’ve ever had trouble setting goals, or you don’t know where to start, I recommend looking into these two authors. I set goals all the time. I think about what I want to accomplish tomorrow or next week. I set them on a monthly basis, for the quarter, for the year, and so on. I also try to strike a balance and set goals in my personal life, like fitness, financial, and spiritual goals. I keep visual reminders of a goal after I set one. When a goal isn’t written down, it’s easy to forget. We all have things going on in our lives, and it can be hard to focus on a goal when you don’t have a reminder.

I keep a short list of goals tacked up on my bathroom mirror at home, so I see them every single day. Those goals stay on top of my mind, and I’m more focused on what I want to accomplish.

I have more visual reminders in my office, too. I keep a bulletin board beside my desk with a number of goals related to my businesses. It’s just like the mirror in my bathroom. When I can turn to see those goals, they stay on top of my mind. As you keep a constant visual reminder of your goals, your goals also need a set timeframe, whether it’s a week or three years out. Having an end date is another way to keep yourself focused and adds another layer of accountability. No matter what goals you set, it’s always important to celebrate a completed goal. Big or small, recognize your accomplishment. Then, when you look ahead to set that next goal, set the bar a little higher and push yourself a little further. This makes celebrating the accomplishment all the more special. Before I opened my law firm, one of my biggest goals was to go to law school. Then, after I earned my law degree, my goal was passing the bar exam. Following that, it was to build a successful practice. I have a burning desire to succeed — I certainly don’t like to lose. For me, when I achieve one of my goals, it’s like winning, which is incredibly motivating. That’s another important factor of working toward your goals: Find what motivates you. For some people, it’s that celebration at the end. For people like myself, it’s the feeling of winning. No matter what motivates you, you can know when you work toward your goals, you grow as a person, and that, above all else, is what’s truly important.

–Matt Aulsbrook



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