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Bucket List Item...Check! NEWSLETTER

Do you have a bucket list? If you do, hopefully you are chipping away at checking off those items on your list. This past May, my family and I were blessed to have one of our items checked off our list. Laura (my wife) and I have been dreaming of getting back to Europe. We were last there almost two decades ago for our honeymoon, and since then, we have wanted to revisit Italy with our three children so that they can learn their family roots. What made this trip even more special was the fact that we travelled with Laura’s parents, who were also fulfilling their own bucket list items. Laura’s Mom always want to go on a Mediterranean cruise, and her Dad wanted to go back to visit his childhood home to show my kids how he grew up, and the hardships that he faced as a kid himself. So we started our trip in Venice and left on a cruise ship toward Dubrovnik, Croatia, an absolute gem of a place. From there, we went to Kotor, Montenegro and then on to Greece, eventually returning to Venice where we stayed for three days and soaked in the local culture. The seafood, pasta and wine were to die for. From there we took a high-speed train, a very cool experience travelling at 260 km per hour, to arrive in Rome. We spent four days touring around Rome and a day visiting Dad’s childhood home. Our children were thrilled to see the

very small stone house nestled in a rural mountain region called Veroli, and to hear their grandfather tell them stories of when he was a child living in this small house. He met up with a childhood friend, now in his nineties. It was a memorable experience that we will cherish as a family for many years to come. By Michael Boni, #blessed!

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