The Presidents’ Circle is a select group of top-performing executives from both the private lending and real estate investing industries who gather at exclusive events to network, learn, and tackle challenges in a confidential setting. For the past ten months, we have featured Presidents’ Circle members in Think Realty Magazine with a fun, get-to-know-them article. This month, we are mixing it up and asked some Presidents’ Circle members:

“How have you ADAPTED business operations and/or investments during the COVID-19 crisis and what have you LEARNED about your business practices during this time?”

“As an active investor and speaker, it has been a challenge to come up with ways to stay connected. First, I have reached out for more one-on-one “networking” using Zoom and social media platforms to stay connected. One bonus of keeping connected this way, is the qual- ity of the interaction, keeping other investors and myself motivated during these challenging times both economically and emotionally. Also, I have learned to be as prepared as possible. Real estate investing can be somewhat risky if you are not careful about doing your due diligence whether buying properties or lending. This crisis might have caught us off guard, but my investment strategy has worked during down times and up times. Our current projects were under way for full rehab when the shelter-in-home orders came out. Since real estate was considered essential business, we were able to continue with our projects, and get them ready for market. Our first strategy was owner financing; however, it became apparent that peo- ple want to hold onto their cash, and the interest rates had dropped so low, it was attractive to buyers to get their own financing. We decided to put a few more dollars in the properties, and now we will either sell retail or rent the properties. We try to stay on point with keeping our target price range so that we don’t get caught with a property that we cannot recoup our investment in an unexpected turn in the market. The bottom line is that people will always need a place to live, and by focusing on affordable housing, a savvy investor should be able to weather any storm!”


16 | think realty magazine :: may 2020

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