marginal assets and expense lines; downsize operations to be profitable and to have cash on hand for new opportunities emerging now and in the future; consider and evaluate other asset types for investment — these are mindful, and positive actions well worth your time and attention today. Often, a crisis provides the perfect opportunity for us to slow down, to stop and think, to seek further information and education, and to ACT to reposition and/or redirect our assets and investing activity. Now is time to assess where this downcycle will take your investments and how to consolidate your holdings, so as to not just weather the downturn but to position to take advantage of the almost-certain “buy low” opportunities that will emerge in every facet of our economy. As investors in real estate, we need to study our markets, assess our holdings, and the opportunities that are likely to come during the next several years. Review history and market cycles and anticipate the new opportunities in real estate that will emerge in coming months. Be creative. Use seller finance loans to buy and sell property as markets decline and lending dries up. Consider other investment opportunities where you can “buy low." Focusing on emerging opportunities and taking action now in place of hours spent on the news and social discourse about the pandemic will put you far ahead of the crowd when the virus has been tamed. It is with sincere gratitude and humility, that I can say that balanced Financial Freedom is what allows my wife and I to face this time of unprecedented uncertainty and anxiety from a position of greater security and strength. I wish that for everyone. I look forward to sharing our foundational "7 Steps to Financial Freedom" in future issues. For now, STAY IN MINDFUL ACTION towards your investment goals. •

the midst of the storm? As one of my mentors often reminds us regarding investments, “Hope is not a good strategy!” The best antidote for the current level of fear and/or uncertainty regarding volatile and declining markets is MINDFUL ACTION. This is true during any crisis — the most good comes from being mindful of all possibilities, resources, actions, and outcomes. MINDFUL ACTION comes when you keep the end in mind and STAY IN ACTION toward the end. Where are you heading? Where do you want to arrive? Most investors have a good idea of where they want to end up (with increased net worth) and have at least a rough plan on how they will get there. The current economic changes that are now upon us demand that you revisit your plan in almost every case. Quickly assessing the rapidly changing markets, your current asset holdings, resources and financial plan, and being willing to consider change and detour from your original plan are key steps. Review and eliminate

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Gene Powers is President and Founder of Nationwide Secured Capital, a brokerage and investment company that purchases private loans secured by real estate for its own portfolios and numerous private investors and funds. Nationwide provides cash out and recapitalization options to those receiving payments on first position private loans. This includes real estate investors/property owners who provided owner financing on properties sold. Call (800) 853-0573 or go to www. for offers.

This article series outlines the 7 foundational STEPS that Gene and his wife learned on their journey. Email for more.

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