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me. If I chose to continue with the old pricing model I used in the past, my business would burn up almost immediately. So I’m left with a moral dilemma. Do I leave the suppliers that I am loyal to and have great partnerships with to try and find a better deal? Do I shop around and sacrifice the core values that have made Central Michigan Roofing what it is? Well, that’s not how I do business. Quality, integrity, and loyalty are the values that built this company, and I don’t think anyone should have to sacrifice the morality of their business just to make a buck. The one thing I would encourage in this instance is to remember that change takes time. What may be a price hike now can definitely change once domestic steel catches up with pricing. By the end of this April shower, we could end up having the May flowers of a flourishing steel industry with the same great prices, quality, and service you are used to. I believe a positive direction will yield positive results. Metal is still a superior roofing material, especially for our region. We still aim to provide unforgettable service and quality. These two things will never change. – Emanuel Herschberger

steel will continue to rise. This puts a small business owner like me in a tough spot. I am loyal to my suppliers, just as I am loyal to my customers. I respect quality, integrity, and dedication more than anything. I’m not willing to sacrifice these core values — I believe those tenets are what have made my business successful. I look at my relationship with my suppliers as a partnership. We attempt to benefit each other and work together to meet everyone’s needs. With these new tariffs and the ensuing effect on the cost of metal, suppliers will have no choice but to raise prices. This means I have no choice but to raise mine as well. If it were up to me, I would charge low prices every day. Unfortunately, this industry is bigger than just

The metal industry is an ever- changing market full of fluctuations. So far, 2018 has been a great example of the ebbs and flows typical of our industry. Some of the most recent upheaval is due to the new import tariffs imposed on metal. These price hikes from foreign imports directly affect how we do business in America. It’s no secret that the American steel and aluminum industries have suffered to near extinction in recent years. These tariffs are aimed at revitalizing those markets within U.S. borders. But as with any industry- wide change, things don’t happen overnight. These tariffs have already made a difference in pricing, and they’ll continue to do so for the next few months. Until local suppliers can begin to provide at a comparable rate again, the price of metal and

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