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L ife P hysics

the lesser payoff. The harder, more intentional choices often lead to a bit more of a balancing act to pull off as well. One thing I’ve learned in my line of work is that balance extends to a wide variety of places in our lives. From a physical perspective, challenging your balance means to find a steady place to hold. But the thing I have come to embrace is to add another dimension. Holding your balance in the place you feel solid and then looking somewhere new adds a new challenge to maintaining the balance. In a wider application, this holds true to the rest of our lives as well. We all have a place that we feel ‘solid.” We know what to expect and how to maintain at that place, whether it be work, relationships, family, education, or exercise. We function well at that place. But shifting your perspective and looking somewhere new from the same place you usually are allows you to see things in a new light, challenge yourself a little beyond your safe zone, and grow your abilities. That balance shift and challenge actually allows you to increase your balance “bubble,” the solid place. My hope for you is that you embrace a little wobble and see where it takes you. Delight in the challenge. The payoff is pretty sweet. Shelly Coffman

I can’t believe it’s July already and we’re in the full swing of summer! Here in the Pacific Northwest, it seems we all hold those summer days a little tighter to squeeze every last bit of sun and light to last us through the times when we have neither. That, and we’re all heat- intolerant — well, me for sure, but I’ve had loads of commiserators! At my house, we’re in full swing on summer camps and camping adventures while trying to keep energy up for this work thing. The balancing act of what I like to call Life Physics is perennial. In my current exercise practice, I’m trying to work on first showing up — that’s a WIN! It’s important to not let the momentum of all of the other things in my life carry me away from the things that I need to choose and take action on to take care of myself. Second, once I break the momentum and show up, being present is necessary. With a million things to do, taking the time to increase my energy and improve my health often falls to the wayside, and my monkey brain is terrible at being quiet. Momentum is a thing that is easy to follow. Not being intentional about choices and direction and control of movement means there’s less benefit. We’ll always cue you in exercise to control the movement. The same is true of momentum for day-to-day choices. The path momentum leads you to often has

That feeling of carrying nothing but your necessities on your back, walking in the wilderness as trees brush against you, and listening to wildlife call out to one another are just a few of the reasons why people fall in love with backpacking. It challenges your resourcefulness and determination and rewards you with a huge sense of accomplishment. Not to mention backpacking is a great workout. For avid hikers, the added challenge of carrying 65 pounds on your back tests core strength and stamina while utilizing leg muscles. If you’ve been hitting the trails or the gym lately, you might already be in good shape for a backpacking trip. Here are a few more suggestions for your first trip to make it a safe and enjoyable experience. T est and borrow gear When you’re just starting out, ask friends and family or visit your local outdoor store to see if they have gear you can

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