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By the time you read this, my family and I will have just returned from our summer road trip. The plan is to head up to Toronto together, which will be our kids’ first time up to Canada. Our youngest son has been the big impetus for making the drive north; he has his heart set on seeing the Hockey Hall of Fame! What excites me about this road trip is that it won’t just be “there and back again.” We’ll actually be making a wide circle around Lake Erie, stopping to marvel at Niagara Falls before heading down to New York City to visit the Statue of Liberty and see “The Lion King” on Broadway. After the Big Apple, we’ll make our way across Pennsylvania and Ohio, possibly making a stop at the Pro Football Hall of Fame before we get home to Huntley. To some, this may sound like too full of an itinerary for a single road trip. But that’s the way Emilie and I prefer it. Part of the joy of a driving vacation is all the little stops and discoveries you get to make along the way. Plus, with today’s modern devices,

“PART OF THE JOY OF A DRIVING VACATION IS ALL THE LITTLE STOPS AND DISCOVERIES YOU GET TO MAKE ALONG THE WAY.” This is not to say those trips in my youth weren’t memorable. As I’ve mentioned in the past, my parents started a tradition of taking the family to St. Pete’s Beach in West Florida every year, and we used to drive. That’s at there’s never been an easier time to be a kid on a road trip. I certainly wish I’d had the option of watching a movie or playing a video game on family trips when I was a teenager! least a 19-hour journey one way, provided nothing went wrong along the way. During these marathon drives down to Florida, we would almost always have major car trouble. I remember one year the power steering gave out.

The following year, it turned out the air pressure in our tires was out of balance, which we only noticed after the car got above 50 mph and started rocking back and forth like an amusement park ride. The irony is that both of these car calamities were accidentally caused by a mechanic we hired to do preventative maintenance before the journey! The first year, he’d forgotten to replace the cap on the power steering fluid, and the second year, he’d failed to top off all the tires. All things considered, we’re able to look back and laugh on it now! That’s part of why I love road trips so much; you create so many great memories along the way. Having the whole family together in a confined space is the perfect recipe for plenty of inside jokes to develop. Getting there really is half the fun!

Happy Trails,

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