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oct 2008

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highlights of this issue - Charu Singh,Industry Champion writes about the Spiritual Quotient. - Karsten Scherling highlights the Project Management – Airbus experience. - Niket Karajagi sees Innovation as a crucial competency for aWorld Class Company.

industry champion

the editor’s column

I welcome new and existing readers to this issue of Atyaasaa newsletter. For at least a decade now, company leaders have been speaking about spirituality; there are multiple advocated links between corporate success and issues of the soul. Spirituality seems to be increasingly intervening into the areas of business, management and organizations, as well as a focus for academic conferences and management consultant practices. The article alongside gives you spiritual insights to be a corporate leader, a leader who explores the contemporary significance of spirituality in the organization’s discourse. Leading your steps to the doors of spirituality and self awareness, Atyaasaa – Knowledge beans outlines the importance of Innovation and out of the box thinking. Having emphasized on innovation and creativity i.e. the right brain concept, let’s also have a look at the left brain concept considering the importance of technical knowledge. The job of the editor would be impossible without your cooperation.The article in the previous issue “Competency Based Employee Development” was extensively appreciated. I would take this opportunity to congratulate the writers and encourage all our readers to contribute.

Charu Singh

Currently heading Siemens Information Systems Ltd Training Department, Mumbai. Charu Singh has a work experience of 15 years. She has worked as a CEO for a social welfare organization in Mumbai and has also worked as a director of the Indo GermanTraining Center.

SPIRITUALITY - THE QUEST FOR THE TRUTH Spirituality is man’s realization of the Brahman, the spirit. The Brahman, created this entire

universe through matter and energy. The universe is a manifested or projected form of God, the Brahman, created through the combination of matter and energy. The absolute reality of all creations is the same Brahman.He is ‘the real me’and ‘the real you’ dissolving all difference between us. So, in hurting you, I hurt myself and in loving others, I love myself. Out of the three elements of a being – the Atman, the mind and the body, the Atman is pure Brahman. However, a person’s mind is made up of negative and positive traits.Based on the development of these traits, a person imbibes a way of living; his Sanskaras. These Sanskaras guide all his mental processes and physical actions in life. Co-existence of both negative and positive elements in the mind causes intellectual and emotional contradictions, creating confusions within us, making us experience fear, insecurity, hurt, hatred and jealousy, driving us to inflict pain on one another and develop prejudiced vision. The world of pain and pleasure, created by the human mind, appears as the ultimate reality.By climbing the ladder of spiritual awareness, we can minimize and eventually eradicate pain, conflicting tendencies from our being, experience lasting peace and happiness. There are several paths to attain this: devotion, selfless work, philosophy, intense concentration and self-introspection. In self-introspection one has to stand outside the self like another person, probing and analyzing with detached objectivity, the tendencies, motives, responses and perceptions of the mind and deliberate on the varied human complexities and the cause of existence of this universe.This is a constant, lifelong process. Deep concentration is the key. Spirituality is not merely a subject for intellectual understanding and discussions. My sharing with you will go a long way in the truly desired direction, if we absorb its essence; by implementing the intense positive energy in our being and its revelation of universal love, in every step of our lives, in order to minimize conflicts, we can make this world a much more beautiful place to live in.

Neha Arora is a young, pro-active, and energetic individual, with a passion for Human Resource Management & Training. She comes with a clear Neha Arora Editor Atyaasaa-KnowledgeBeans editor@atyaasaa.com

As Swami Vivekananda summed it up – ‘One ounce of practice is worth a thousand pounds of theory’. Let us all endeavour to follow this.

focusonmanagingHRinterventionsasacareer.She has worked onmultiple key projects in training and consulting areas over a period of time inAtyaasaa.

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space for everyone

from sapmulti project management into a real organizationdevelopment - facts of the project

Karsten Scherling

Karsten is an Electronic Engineer from the Technical University of Hamburg (Germany). After 13 years as a hardware and software developer,international project manager and product manager in the industrial business of radiation detection,he created his own business in the year 2000.The focus of his consulting business is the process improvement,organization development and personnel developmentinthewideareaofprojectmanagementintheindustrialandITsection.

Face the Reality

First of all I like to thank Niket and ATYAASAA for the chance to share knowledge with experts outside Europe through this very useful KNOWLEDGE BEANS platform especially with my project management colleagues from India. Any feedback and deeper discussion is highly appreciated. My bean of today is a Projects Management Full Service model we created during a 15 month SAP multi project at the world biggest and best airplane manufacturer AIRBUS. For a successful external service provider the projects are getting more in number, with the positive experience of the customer.This does not mean (in general) a structured planning of a project landscape.It only means a request for solutions from single business areas and the expectation that the service provider will do it quick, nice and cheap. The customer is contracting development resources and partial project management resource for each project separately and the service provider is promising 100% attention for each single project.

It is important to understand that ultimately Innovation is brought into real world by people. It is imperative for organizations venturing into the space of world class companies to nurture its creative talent. It iswidely believed that all are not born creative;however it is not true as it is our social conditioning that puts us into “boxed” thinking. It is important for people to collapse their rigid paradigm of what works and what does not and question all that works and that does not.This is when Innovation becomes a success. Teach your people the skills of Innovation. Nurture your present innovators and make creative process a part of your organization’s culture.Innovation nurtures the spirit of individuals andmakes the job more satisfying. These innovators with a creative culture of the organization can be a great combination to succeed in the world class scenarios.It is important to understand that customer focus and profit with quality as a core value are the ultimate focal points of innovation. Niket Karajagi is the founder director of Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, Pune which contributes to top corporate brands globally. He is an established international management consultant and an innovative human resource trainer with niche areas of expertise & contributions.Niket is an authority on creativity & innovation, emotional intelligence and statistical methodologies apart from his operations background in understanding of management processes 1. The customer is of course looking for a consistent IT landscape. The service provider should do this during the projects without getting an extra payment. Original statement:“you are changing our system as experts, so you are responsible for the whole picture”. 2. The service provider does not have an endless number of project managers and developers with special customer and SAP-Tool knowledge to cover every request at the same time.Split head sharing fromproject to project is required. 3. The customer and the service provider are requested to coordinate changes of functional modules. Otherwise the users are confused by several changes happening in different projects. It was possible to create a solution with a profit for both sides. In any case an honest communication about the project situation is required to accept an organization development at the customer’s end nomatter what is the relationship of the customer (AIRBUS) with the service provider. The implementation of the project including the changes made to the organization would be published in the next issue, so check this space out.

The Project Contracts

INNOVATION - WORLD CLASS COMPETENCY founder’s note Niket Karajagi After a discussion on Virtual Teams in buildingWorld Class Organizations, my endeavour in this issue is to focus on Innovation.

Innovation has been talked about in the industry for some time now. Innovation is the key competency for success in the world market. So before we look at Innovation we need to appreciate the concept of creativity.Creativity is derived fromtheword“Create”.Before creativity there is nothing and then there is an idea which is unique and never thought of.Many ideas remain in themind of a creative individual but only some ideas get implemented into reality. Once a creative idea has taken shape in its nascent form the process of Innovation commences. Innovation is a process of improvement to make a product or a service more effective. This is an infinite unending process that extends the life & effectiveness of a product or a service. Innovation can either be incremental or breakthrough. Incremental innovation is implemented by most organizations. Breakthrough innovation is rare owing to the risk involved.The key difference being incremental innovation works on the same set of assumptions on which the product or a service was designed. Breakthrough innovation smashes these assumptions and moves into an unknown domain. Thus continuous experimentation with this competency is essential.

Make Innovation a key competency in the organization and surely you will be on the path of becoming aWorld Class Company.

Organization’s growth is a continuous process of evolution which is retarded by a series of value compromises and a parasitic relationship with the system it chooses to operate in.

bean statement

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