NZQA Christ's College Framework

Internal moderation process

The following sections on Assessment Materials, Verification, and Quality Assurance provide a number of options and ideas to ensure the validity of assessments used at Christ’s College. Departments must put in

place suitable procedures for each standard entered from their subject area. When storing moderation the minimum produced for each standard must be:

● A recent printout of the standard from the NZQA website. ● A copy of the assessment task with instructions as issued to students with version numbers and actual standard codes (i.e. NOT AS3.1).

● A copy of the assessment schedule for markers with statements of sufficiency. ● A completed Internal Moderation Cover sheet summarising check procedures used. ● Six selected assessments across the range of grades, four for unit standards.

This whole package should be filed and readily available in a suitable location and will be reviewed by HoDs at the beginning of each school year. HoDs will ensure that these steps are carried out.

Best practice is digital storage of materials on a shared Google drive. Practical subjects are encouraged to have photographic evidence of student work as part of the submission process for moderation purposes. Assessment materials Assessment activities used for NCEA assessment must reflect the national standard for that achievement standard. The following procedures should be used to ensure that all assessment activities are at the appropriate standard and are fair, reliable, valid and consistent. ● Any recommendation on the assessment material from previous external moderation must be satisfied. ● NZQA templates must be modified. ● Departments must have a system that ensures all new or modified assessment materials are critiqued before being used as a summative assessment. A formal record of this check needs to be kept as evidence as per the Internal Moderation Cover Sheet. ● Assessment materials must be reviewed after use and future improvements noted and comments added if it is appropriate to do so. ● Assessment activities should be developed by teachers working together rather than by one teacher working independently and they should be internally moderated by others in the department. ● For small departments, colleagues from another school or professional association should check assessment materials. ● Students must not have access to a summative assessment before it is distributed to the class. ● All students must be assessed under the same conditions, unless they have been granted an extension.

All assessment material, both activities and schedules, must be clearly labelled and easily retrievable.

When re-using assessment material, another assessor can provide a second opinion on its suitability, making appropriate written comments or suggestions.

Christ’s College Assessment Procedures


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