Market Leader Extra Upper Intermediate Practice File

1 unit



A Complete each sentence with the best word.

succinct as possible.

1 Good presenters rarely ramble. They usually try to be as

a)  inarticulate

b)  hesitant

c)  succinct

2 Her arguments were so

that we all agreed to her proposal.

a)  fluent

b)  extrovert

c)  persuasive

3 The audience were very

and carried him through his difficult

presentation. a)  responsive

b)  eloquent

c)  coherent

4 She is a very

person. She always keeps her attention fixed on what

she wants to achieve. a)  sensitive

b)  focused c)  fluent 5 He never says what he thinks or shows what he feels. How can anybody be so ? a)  rambling b)  fluent c)  reserved 6  Everybody seems so here. They behave and speak freely, and do not really care what other people think. a)  incoherent b)  articulate c)  uninhibited 7  We know that not all politicians are Some of them even use an autocue. a)  eloquent b)  inhibited c)  hesitant B Match these words to make compounds and collocations relating to communication. 1 extensive a)  accuracy 2 eye b)  communication 3 body c)  contact 4 grammatical d)  humour 5 sense of e)  language 6 effective f )  vocabulary

vocabulary +

C Complete the following phrases with say or tell as appropriate. 1 tell a story 6

somebody what to do



the time

hello / goodbye

3 as far as I can


a lie / lies



yes or no

what you mean





to do something

under your breath


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