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Theme Parks and ShoreLines


THE DICKERSON FAMILY VACATION After a particularly harsh winter, I’m sure everyone in Kansas City is ready for the spring weather. My kids, Heidi and Ian, are definitely feeling a little stir-crazy from being indoors all the time — and to be honest, Chelsea and I are feeling it, too. Thankfully, we have

My family’s trip was full of firsts for me. At ten years old, I’d never even been on a plane before this trip, making just the experience of getting there an adventure. When we went, the Animal Kingdom had just been built, and my parents and I had a blast on all the rides. What has stuck with me to this day is how good everything smelled. If you’ve ever been to any Disney park, you know what I’m talking about. Just walking down Main Street, USA, you’re treated to so many scents from ice cream to fresh-baked pretzels and everything in between. And while we had an amazing time, my favorite memory of the trip actually happened outside the walls of the Magic Kingdom. "Heidi and Ian are at the perfect age to be cognizant of the world around themwhile still having unbridled imaginations." What you need to understand is that, as a child, I was fascinated by the sea. Of course, being from Kansas, I’d never actually been to the ocean, but that didn’t stop me from reading about it voraciously. For hours, in my grandparents’ house, I’d pore over books about marine life and coastal habitats, dreaming about what it


would be like to play in the sand and surf. Thanks to my very loving parents, that dream became a reality. My parents didn’t just take me to a beach during our time in Florida. They drove the width of the peninsula for me. Being an aspiring marine biologist, my biggest wish on this Disney trip was to see both the Gulf and the Atlantic. So, we rented a car and started driving. It was everything I could have wanted — like stepping into the pages of the books I loved. Despite there being a squall when we reached the Atlantic side, my parents and I still waded out into the choppy water and had a blast. Thinking back on that experience now that I have children of my own, I’m floored by my parents’ willingness to go the extra mile for their son’s dreams. I may not have become a marine biologist, but I can certainly carry forward their example and give my own children an amazing experience. Theme parks and shorelines can fill a child’s heart with wonder, but it’s up to their parents to bring the magic to life.


a very magical trip to look forward to. The Dickerson family is going to Disney World! I think it’s every parent’s dream to take their kids to this legendary theme park. Just being able to give them that wondrous once-in-a lifetime experience is exciting — I can’t wait to see their faces light up when they see the rides and get to meet their favorite characters in person. Heidi and Ian are at the perfect age to be cognizant of the world around them while still having unbridled imaginations. To them, the magic is going to be very real. Meanwhile, Chelsea and I will get to relive our own childhood trips to the Magic Kingdom. Well — hopefully Chelsea’s experience isn’t an exact re-creation. As a little girl, she broke her arm right before her family’s trip to Disney World and had to wear a cast the whole time. It speaks to just how incredible the park is that she still says she had a great time. As for me, my parents went above and beyond to give me an experience I’d never forget.






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