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1. National

16. National Tell a Joke Day

Girlfriends Day

2. National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

17. National Honey Bee Awareness Day

3. National

18. Bad Poetry Day

Watermelon Day

19. National Potato Day

4. Friendship Day

20. National Radio Day

Whether you’re a runner, a weightlifter, or a cyclist, the twofold feeling that follows a hard workout is the same: pain and exhaustion. Sore muscles can make every movement difficult, and the discomfort that comes with stretching your arms, legs, and back will soon have you hunched over and shuffling around like someone twice your age. Faced with that fate, you have two recovery options: passive or active. Pick the right one and you’ll be back in the gym in no time. So, what is the difference between active and passive recovery? Really, the names say it all. Active recovery means continuing to move, even after a big workout. The day after you challenge yourself with a tough gym session, active recovery entails going for a long walk, trying a low-intensity bike ride, or even doing an abridged weightlifting session with lighter weights. Passive recovery is basically relaxation: It involves resting your muscles before you get back in the saddle. Unless you’re a real fitness junkie, passive recovery probably sounds the most appealing. A day spent lazing around with a book or watching your favorite television programs can be an irresistible prospect when your muscles are aching. In an article for, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Mike Robertson says he opts for active recovery every time. “I’ve been a huge proponent of active recovery for years. Even when I was younger, I realized that if I was sore after a session but got up and moved around the next day, I immediately started to feel better,” he said. Choosing the Best Workout Recovery Plan for You ACTIVE VS. PASSIVE RECOVERY

5. Work Like a Dog Day

21. Senior Citizen’s Day

6. Wiggle Your Toes Day

22. National Tooth Fairy Day

7. National

Lighthouse Day

23. Ride the Wind Day

8. Sneak Some

24. Vesuvius Day

Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

25. Kiss and Make Up Day

9. Book Lovers Day

26. National Dog Day

10. Lazy Day

27. Global

Forgiveness Day

11. Middle Child Day

28. Race Your Mouse Day

12. Left-Handers Day

13. National

29. More Herbs, Less Salt Day

Creamsicle Day

14. Relaxation Day

30. Frankenstein Day

15. National Tell a Joke Day

31. International Bacon Day

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