Hare Auto May June 2017

April 2017: Josh Stevens ROCK STARS OF THE MONTH

“Josh has done a great job in the shop with keeping it clean and all of his new job duties.” – Jack Moneymaker

“Josh has been doing an excellent job with his new role at the dealership and has been doing so with a great attitude. He is always willing to help with whatever is needed and has helped us out a lot. Thanks for all you do, Josh!” – Jason Horack

May 2017: Grant Davis

“Grant was so courteous, and he was a great sales person. When we met him, there was no pressure at all from him to make a purchase. We then came back the next day to test drive and purchase a 2017 Camaro. It was his low-key sales approach that sold us to come back.” – Sharon Deuschle

“Grant has become an integral part of our sales team. He continues to grow and demonstrate exceptional product knowledge and customer service every day. Keep up the great work, Grant!” – Mike Tallman

PUMP-UP PLAYLIST Science Shows Certain Tempos Can Enhance Your Workout

Make the Perfect

which runs at 160 beats per minute. It then slows back down, closing with “Royals” by Lorde. The tempo isn’t just about running — it’s indicative of an entire workout cycle. “Roar” is what Dr. Karageorghis calls stretching music, whereas “Get Lucky” through “Happy” is for cardio, and the latter half has strength-exercise songs like “Get Down” by Groove Armada, before the music starts heading to a close. Dr. Karageorghis also did live test research, where subjects exercised on a treadmill to various songs. He found that certain upbeat tempos and strong beats were able to increase performance. However, the biggest takeaway from the study was this: Simply having music enhanced endurance by 15 percent. It enabled athletes to get more pleasure from their workout. Regardless of what you listen to, crank those tunes and hit the gym! The playlist was published in Medical Daily and can be found on their website under “The Optimal Workout Music Playlist As Designed By Scientists.”

Could you make the ultimate workout playlist? Just about everyone with a Spotify or Apple Music membership has tried. Some borrow from curated playlists made by the site’s experts, while others rely on music that personally gets them going. For you, that could be anything from extreme dubstep to Abba’s “Dancing Queen.” We’re not here to judge. Two years ago, a sports medicine scientist took a crack at crafting the perfect music playlist for optimal athletic performance. Dr. Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University in London analyzed nearly 7 million playlists to determine what the perfect pump-up mix would look like. He found that your personal taste plays a part, but science plays a bigger role. Here’s how: Music induces alpha brain activity, which helps athletes get “in the zone” and become hyperfocused. To reach that state, you need to experience warm up, peak, and cool down periods. Dr. Karageorghis’ perfect playlist starts with medium-tempo songs with strong beats, like Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” It then ramps up to Pitbull’s “Timber” and peaks with Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,”


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