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Jana Short "Even if you are the best at what you do, if no one knows who you are, who are you helping?"

Jana Short is a renowned wellness coach, NLP & RTT practitioner, public speaker, author, and Podcast host. She leads a mastermind group full of health experts and influencers. In an effort to share and create helpful content for others, Jana founded the editorial blog, Best Holistic Life. Best Holistic Life includes articles from Jana, but it also incorporates writings from many other health experts on topics such as nutrition, mind and body, essential oils, and more. You can now find Jana on Mondays hosting her popular podcast Oh, My Health... There is HOPE! where she interviews experts and influencers from around the world. Jana was recognized for her efforts in “Influential Women of The World- Global Influencers of 2020, Oil Life Magazine and Las Vegas Entrepreneur Magazine's "25 Entrepreneurs of 2020" edition. In addition to helping women with their health, Jana plays a large role in supporting other wellness experts and coaching professionals. She is the founder of Health Influencers’ Mastermind, which is a group specifically for wellness experts that offers public speaking, co- authoring, blogging, and podcast appearance opportunities. Jana continues to reach those who need her most through blogging, podcasting, and individual coaching, and sharing her message of hope with the world.

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It's a lot of little steps."

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How my infertility journey can help you! KELA SMI TH

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? Like your bones ached for it and you longed for it day in and day out? As if your life won't be complete until you have what you want. I will never forget those long years my husband and I spent trying for a baby. We did what most people do. We met, fell in love and knew we wanted a family right away. Hell I have wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl playing with my baby dolls. We thought it would be so easy. I mean we are told our whole lives to be careful. Abstain from sex because you will get pregnant, don't hold hands or kiss a boy, you might get pregnant. How naive was I to think it was that easy. Once we got married we got to work (literally). Trying every day for our baby. Month after month came and

went and still no baby. After about 6 months of trying, we finally came to the conclusion that we needed to get our doctor involved. We went to see my OBGYN and she ran a bunch of tests only to be told that we were fine and to keep trying. So a few more months went by and still no baby. That is when we tried a local fertility center. There they prescribed Clomid (I know now a very harsh and WAY overprescribed fertility drug). Three rounds of that and still no baby. That is when they suggested I have my tubes blown out. (A procedure where they insert a tube into your cervix and blow die through to check for blocks. I know fun, right).

o1/WINTER 2019 |   04




"She thought she could fly, so she did. She flew and continues to fly!"

Try, try, try some more. Still no baby. That is when the doctors recommended IUI. This was a procedure that was very expensive and not guaranteed. Why can't I just get pregnant. It's so easy right. That's what they told me. What was wrong with me. I didn't understand. After many restless nights and lots of prayers, we decided enough was enough. We decided that we would have that baby and many. We decided to take my health into our own hands and that is exactly what we did. I got really curious with my body. What foods were going to help put my body and my health into the optimal state for conception. How was exercise affecting my adrenals and hormones, how was the stress of this blocking my ability to conceive. How were these restless nights playing a role. How did all of this tie together and was preventing us from getting pregnant.

Once I figured this out, I was able to conceive not once but twice. We now have two healthy baby boys who are 3 and 6 and our lives our complete. That is the reason I got into this work and why I am so passionate about helping women and couples who are struggling with infertility and hormone imbalance. I do not want another women to suffer the way I did. I want to help you reverse your infertility diagnosis and get pregnant naturally. That is why I am gifting you my two free cookbooks and my master class. These cookbooks are packed full of quick, easy and delicious recipes. These recipes are the ones I used to help reverse my unexplained infertility. My master class, The hormone puzzle is packed full of simple action steps that you can begin doing today. If you are already doing fertility treatments these will work together to help you achieve even greater results. If you want to take a more natural approach, these recipes and the info in this class is exactly what you need to put you on the right path to a health baby.

Free Gift: Healthy Holiday Cooking


M O C A B O D Y S C R U B Peppermint

P A G E 0 6 / W I N T E R 2 0 1 9


1 Cup Coffee Grounds 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil 15 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil Combine all ingredients in bowl and mix well. Once scrub has been combined transfer into a glass container to be stored in shower or bathroom. When ready to use apply to damp or wet skin in circular motion. Be careful of any open cuts the peppermint oil can cause sensitivity. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse off. That is why taking a few minutes everyday to meet our own needs is not selfish or vain. It is a necessity. It helps if you think of it as a bank account. The more you invest, the more you will have to give in the future. When was the last time you invested in yourself? Take the time today to reward and replenish your reserves. Even as little as five minutes can change the outcome of your day for the better.

Y O U A R E W O R T H I T !

By Dr . Dee

Too often we forget to take time out for ourselves. We have been conditioned over the years to put others before ourselves. While I am all for giving back as much as possible, what happens when we have given everthing we have?

MIST Diffuser Blend Winter


6 Drops Fir Needle 3 Drops Black Paper 1 Drop Sweet Fennel 1 Drop Rosemary

An earthy aroma that will warm your heart and home. With its mild notes of sweetness and spice, Winter Mist is sure to promote happiness and comfort while its therapeutic actions support your health and wellness.

Recipe by Nicole Guevara

Alex & Karen Herrera

"Education and quality are what sets us apart and what you should really care about."

- Alex & Karena Herrera

"Quality. and education is what we pride ourselves on."

Education is important to us.

Our commitment to you!

Meet your experts, Alex & Karen Herrera

A visionary, creative and results-driven leader, Alex has demonstrated a strong and consistent track record of managing risk while generating

We believe that our family values shouldn't just end with the people we love and cherish the most. We understand that you have other choices when it comes to our services and strive to make your experience with us be unique to you. Connect with us TODAY ! for your FREE step-by-step guide.

Alex is a former Wall Street/Financial Services professional turned investor who was looking to invest in the Cannabis/CBD industry. Unable to find an investment opportunity that met his criteria of high standards and best organically grown products, with a little nudge from his wife Karen, they launched Palm Organix in October of 2018

high-growth returns on investments under his management.

His skills, honed over time, have resulted in a unique reputation for identifying complex business problems and marketplace opportunities both quickly and effectively.

Connect with Alex & Karen Herrera:

BEST HOL I ST I C L I FE |    09

Amy Ballantyne

"Improving your health requires improving your habits that rule your daily life." Are you READY? If you are ready for a REAL Transformation , This is the perfect time to get extra support! If you're excited to make a long lasting change, Amy is here to help you create the sustainable healthy habits required. Visit Amy and grab some of her FREE gifts on her site and find out why she is considered one of the leading experts in her field.

- Amy Ballantyne

Your Wellness Cheerleader! Amy helps people see and experience the GREATNESS within THEMSELVES. Improving your health requires improving the habits that rule your daily life. As you improve these habits, the health of your body, and its shape and size will begin to change. Experiencing greater energy, rejuvenating sleep and feeling great in your clothes will impact your body image, self esteem and self confidence "Life includes giving back to others in any way you can."

Meet your coach, Amy Ballantyne

Amy lives in Waterloo, ON and is a wife and a mom to 3 amazing and active children. She is Your Health Cheerleader, sharing her passion for health and helping others every single day. As a holistic health & wellness coach, Amy provides accountability, encouragement, and support. She shares healthy practices as well as self-love strategies to help her clients truly nurture their bodies and minds from the inside out.

Connect with Amy Ballantyne:

BEST HOL I ST I C L I FE |    11

Cathy McKinnon

"Little did I know at the time that my journey would be a catalyst to help others grow!" - Cathy McKinnon

"Here's to the women that speak up, step up, and RISE!"

Meet your coach, Cathy Mckinnon.

You are not alone. when it comes to health and wellness, Cathy is making a bigger impact on the world. Through her wellness journey she encourages others to bravely tell their story and live authentically. Her business has morphed in so many ways and it's incredible to see her journey unfold. She shows her vulnerabilities and yet her persistence to keep going in spite of it. She is pretty awesome!

What are you waiting for!

Cathy is the founder of Wellness Warrior Coaching, where she works with ambitious go-getter women who are tired of drudging through the to-do- list and are ready to make a shift in their lives! Start today towards that confident, energetic, joyful life you desire! Connect with Cathy and get her free affirmation guide, today!

Here is a little bit about what Cathy will be sharing with all of you. “A cancer diagnosis in 2008 immersed me in my journey to transform my life with a strategic approach to health and wellness. Cathy truly believe a healthy, balanced life leads to optimal living and so I knew I had to start sharing my journey as an example of what is possible when you bravely step into your true self.”

Connect with Cathy Mckinnon:


Cyndi Walter

"I want to be a role model to my family, friends, and associates, and equip

them to impact others!"

- Cyndi Walter

Not just a coach but a partner. Cyndi motto is that mindset and communication are the keys to an abundant life. Some of her key approaches consist of her gift of encouragement. Here desire to serve others in all areas, but especially health. Cyndi truly wants to make a difference in the world and impact peoples lives. One of her favorite sayings is "I get to love people all day long." "Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional!"

The last step to success!

Meet your coach, Cyndi Walter.

Connect with Cyndi Walter: If you are ready for change, looking for more fulfilment or simply ready to feel better... you owe it to yourself to chat with this expert. Click the button below today! Her job is to meet you where you are and take you successfully to that next goal. Cyndi not only treats every single client as if they were her only client but she truly honors the trust they've placed in her.

Cyndi Walter is a devoted wife and mother of four, with over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, trainer, and speaker in the direct selling industry. As a marathon runner and fitness instructor. Cyndi has always been passionate about exercise, and has partnered with a company shares her love for wellness, and with another that shares her belief in health and mindset.



Blog by Jana Short Best Holistic Life


Posting a unique video that runs hard and fast though social media Developing a product that becomes a hot trend Becoming that expert that everyone goes to for answers Even being a bully can make you a global influencer. is that both Commercial and Fashion foremost try to sell a certain product, while Editorial Photography is more concerned with a story. Just take note that the borders between those different types of photography are fluent and may not be as distinct as I describe them here. Now for those of you interested to learn more, please read on. Just take note that the borders between those different types of photography are fluent and may not be as distinct as I describe them here. Nonetheless, I am sure that this article will help you to easily distinguish between them. First of all let me tell you that Fashion Photography and Commercial are usually summarised in the category of Advertising Photography, While Editorial Photography tends to be a category of its own. The reason being |  16




"If there is no road to where you're going make one!"

If you’re a skateboarder and you want to become a global influencer you’re not going to target a bunch of women in a quilting group, or a group of vegan chiefs, right? Usually you are looking for the mirror image of you. Now that you figured that out what kind of content would you like to share with the world? Keep in mind everything you are accountable for your message to the world, everything you put out there you are responsible for. So if you’re a skateboard first do no harm, don’t post videos of you doing a 720 Gazelle Flip without the proper safety gear. Yes, I had to google the “scariest skateboard trick” so I could throw that in there. its name.

My question to you is what kind of I influence do you want to put out into the world? It might sound like a lot of fun being smack dab in the middle of social media as an influencer, but with that honor, comes a ton of responsibility.


Everything you say and do is looked at, listened to and duplicated so again I ask. “WHAT KIND OF INFLUENCE DO YOU WANT TO PUT OUT INTO THE WORD?” Once you have that figured out it gets a lot easier, then you just ask yourself who are you targeting?

- Jana Short



FINAL THOUGHTS Always be authentically you! Give to others, visit their posts always leave a kind comment, and share their posts. Get a thick skin because not everyone will have nice things to say and that’s ok. Everything you say and do should open up conversation and lead back to you. DO NO HARM! My final tip to you would be to simply stop selling and pitching to people. You are enough and once you recognize that in yourself you will be open to receiving the flow of followers, friends and connections your going to make.  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I offer a course four times a year for experts and influencers that helps them to not only gain the global exposure they want but to be a responsible user of it.

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Dr. Dee

"Your body is constantly talking to you. The healthiest people are the ones who listen." -Dr. Dee

"One size does not fit all! We deserve a health care that is as unique as we are."

Meet your expert, Dr. Dee

Are you Ready for a Change?

Dr. Dixie Short (aka Dr. Dee) is a DNM, with a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine. She is dedicated to helping people establish healthy habits to create a naturally healthy, joyful way of living. Dr. Dee believes that by focusing on nutrition, we can rebuild our bodies from within. If you need real skills and methods for holistically advancing your life and career, contact her today.

Your life can change for the better in as little as 30 days, why not start to improve it today? With so many different options available it can be hard to navigate through them all to find what will work best for you. Luckily, you are not alone. If you need help all you have to do is ask.

You are a Limited Edition

Dr. Dee believes that we are all unique and that our health needs reflect that. That is why she is dedicated to creating a customized plan to help you reach all of your personal health goals. She knows what it is like to feel as if you health care team is not listening and prides herself on hearing your needs and wants.

Connect with Dr. Dee: |    19

Kara Krueger

"Your DNA tells a story like no one else on the planet. You are unique."

- Kara Krueger

"I found myself in a place of better health, better than I ever thought possible!"

Meet your expert, Kara Krueger Kara’s own health challenges motivated her to begin learning more about wellness and the many ways we can take charge of our own health since 2005. Kara is always passionate about helping her clients achieve balance in body and mind, and Peak Wellness Group was born out of this desire in late 2017. She utilizes the cutting edge science of epigenetics and nutrigenomics to assist her clients to live their best lives!

What is Epigentics?

Epigenetics is the study of gene expression that does not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence. Every cell in the body contains the same set of genes, but marks made on genes turn on and off particular genes that dictate cell function.

Best Journey of my life!

So epigenetic can unlock many hidden mysteries with in yourself. It holds the missing keys to your health and the ability to unlock vital information to truly understand your unique design and how to optimize your health. The greatest joy is to see others find the unlimited possibilities our DNA can unlock.

Connect with Kara Krueger: |    21

Kela Smith

"My coaching goes well beyond the title of being a health and wellness coach" - Kela Smith Are you ready to do this? Coach Kela's programs are so much more than just a nutrition plan - it's a powerful mind=body experience. Each program is designed to transform you to heal within to achieve the best version of yourself. Learn what it means to be truly balanced and nourished like your body intends. Let's do this! Contact Coach Kela for a lifestyle game changer!

"It's time to unlock your potential and get you to the finish line!"

Meet your coach, Kela Smith

Kela has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. With an extensive background as a professional fitness trainer, wellness educator, author of The complete hormone puzzle cookbook and The puzzle method – solving infertility, online course of the same name and quadruple certified holistic health and wellness coach. She realized her dream of creating a holistic health and wellness practice in 2018 and helps women all over the world with these issues.

You are not alone.

Kela’s coaching techniques are tailored toward women struggling with hormone imbalance and infertility as well as women struggling to lose weight. She is able to work with women before conception, during pregnancy and postpartum as weight loss becomes the goal. As well as women who are peri- menopausal and going through menopause.

Connect with Coach Kela: |    23

Leslie Canup

"You are 100% loveabe right here, right now!"

- Leslie Canup

She Noticed. Leaders are trained in all areas but one. They are taught how to manage costs, how to leverage technology, run a team, be productive and more. But no one has taught them how to lead when in the midst of a death, betrayal, diagnosis or any other life circumstance that completely pulls the rug out from under you. They carry the burden of their people along with their own. They’re being crushed under the weight of it all. That’s all about to change! "You got this. I'll help show you how, I've got YOU!"

Meet your coach, Leslie Canup

Who do you want to be in this moment? Leslie empowers her clients to regain their energy, strength, clarity, and control. So when their life is flipped upside down and they are living at their lowest, they can lead at their highest. Sounds like the help you need? What are you waiting for?

Founder of Canup Coaching.

Certified Coach, Leslie Canup, does life with her husband of 20+ years and her three kids of different ages and stages. Her passion for leaders started in 2006 with a country music concert and a conversation with her dad. Fast forward; she combined her faith, passion and personal experience of living in the unexpected to serve leaders in personal crisis.

Connect with Leslie Canup: |   25

Best Holistic Life

/ 26

December 2019


B y: Mel i ssa Ross

Their “best day EVER” becomes the day that you put everything down and just spent time with them. Whether it was an ice cream date on a hot day or an angel in the snow, it was unforgettable. Learning this lesson from my children, I offered them the choice of an alternative Christmas gift one year. “What do you think about Mommy buying you a vacation instead of toys for Christmas?” As you can imagine, they were filled with questions about what that meant for them. Would Santa still bring them a gift? Would they still have a stocking? Would they get to choose the destination?

Un w rap the g i ft that keeps g iving .

At a very young age, our children teach us a valuable lesson. The unwrapping has come and gone, the glamour of the shiny new toys has worn off, and for most little ones, the excitement is in the box. They spend hours climbing in and out, crafting it into a super rocket ship to take them to the moon. Or perhaps a shiny race car that wins them first prize on the baby circuit. All the while, parents quip about the money spent on toys collecting dust and the rocket ship box that’s harboured in a protective corner of the house. The lesson learned? – That the experiences had travelling to imaginary far off places deep inside the box were far more valuable than the toy inside. Months later, the toys were discarded without memory of their existence, but the time that they stepped onto that imaginary moon lay forever in their hearts. As our children grow, they continue to teach us the same lesson in more grown-up ways.

best holistic life


december • 2019


My then 9-year-old, son was immediately on-board, but my 6- year-old daughter was reluctant. However, she agreed to try it once and see how it felt. That first year, we didn’t venture far. I gifted my kids a trip to Florida to their grandparents’ condo for the school spring break. They spent nine days touring all of the local attractions. They met turtles and pirates and famous dolphins. They played at the beach, ate ice cream and learned how to play shuffleboard with Pa. They even got rained out of the Tampa Bay Rays’ spring training. They had the time of their lives and were hooked on travel. The minute we got home, they were full of ideas for next year’s trip, and the tradition began - Experiences over toys.

Does your experience need to be an expensive plane ride away? Absolutely not. It could be family ski lessons or a weekend away. Whatever is in your budget. The key to the experience, my friends, is YOU. The time that you take away from the hustle and bustle of work and life to spend with your little ones is all the experience they will ever need and holds far greater value than any toy could ever match. This Christmas, I encourage you all to take time away to spend with your little ones to create the greatest “best day EVER”.

" the i r best da y

ever becomes

the da y that

y ou put

ever y thing

do w n and just

spent t ime w i th

them . "

Lisa Crofton

"Soul work isn't meant to be easy... it's meant to be worth it!"

- Lisa Crofton

"Wellbeing is closer than you think."

Meet your coach, Lisa Crofton Lisa is business owner, Master Intuitive Life Coach, Well-Being Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Author and Inspirational Speaker. After fully recovering from a stress-induced neurological condition, Lisa has spent the last decade dedicated to teaching others to overcome, manage and eliminate the emotional, physical and mental stress that diminishes vibrant well-being. Besides attending to a thriving coaching practice, she is a Coach's Coach...specializing in intuitive awareness,

Connect with Lisa Crofton When you are ready to expand your life and open o the abundant opportunities, contact her today! Are you ready? Sharing transformational wisdom is a passionate endeavour and comes from her deep belief that we are inherently capable of self- healing. No life experience creates a barrier too big to overcome - no life experience is bigger than the healing power of love.

life skills and spiritual development for living, working and thriving at the highest level of well-being. On a personal note, Lisa has been married for 34 years to her husband Kevin. She is the mother of intuitive grown children, daughter Taylor, 30, business woman, and a Shaman and Energy Healer in her own right. Her son Jesse, 25, a talented singer/song-writer, the lead singer of a professional Boston Band, and student of Holistic Psychology. |   29

Lunden Souza

Lunden Let's do this! If you are ready to stop feeling stuck and like you're running around like a crazy person, it's time to UP-LEVEL your life and go from busy to crazy HAPPY! Lunden helps her VIP coaching clients discover their PURPOSE and how to live their DREAM LIFE with their DREAM BODY in a way that feels sustainable, relaxed and complete. Lunden would love to connect and hop on a call with you to see if you would be a good fit to work together. "I help women get their MIND right and their BODY tight!" - Lunden Souza

"Get out of that more... is more... mentality!!"

Meet your coach, Lunden Souza

Lunden is one of my superhero women warriors! I love this woman! She is a major influencer in the health and fitness world. She currently lives in Austria but is from little ole California. We love when she comes to visit.You will love her personal story of her struggles and her current success as one of the most sought after International Fitness and Lifestyle Transformation Coaches. She created Life Like Lunden to share her struggles and triumph, and inspires thousands worldwide to live their best lives!

Are you stuck in the MORE!

12 years ago, she found herself working seven days a week, going to school full-time and doing everything and nothing! She was stuck in this "more is more" mentality... MORE workouts, MORE rigid diets, MORE meal prepping, MORE hours working, MORE to-do's, MORE hustle, MORE clients. "perfection"... Just MORE of EVERYTHING! It worked for a while, until it didn't and she nearly had a burnout!

Connect with Lunden Souza: |    31

Melissa Ross

"Handing you and your family the

keys to mental wellness."

- Melissa Ross

You are not alone. Melissa has set out to make a bigger difference in the lives of every person she encounters. As a certified mindset coach and founder of Rise2Wellness, where she hands families the keys to their mental wellness. She continues to move forward with her mission, supporting families with mental wellness, gratitude, and a positive mind set. Through her writings, teachings and education in the health and wellness arena. "Trust. Integrity. Respect. Compassion."

Meet your coach, Melissa Ross Mindset Coach, Personal Development Speaker and Founder of Rise2Wellness With 20 years of experience in the field of yoga and mindfulness, Melissa is a leading authority on healing and growth. As a leader, Melissa has tamed numerous wild Canadian children with meditation, breathing, and relaxation. As a speaker, coach, and author, she works with a wide range of individuals inspiring and empowering them to navigate their way through stress, anxiety, and depression.

Are you Ready2Rise! Melissa's purpose is to help each individual become aware of the abundant possibility that you can life the best version of yourself in the present moment with conviction, compassion, wellness, and enthusiasm. With Trust, Integrity, Respect and Compassion.

Three FREE Wellness Success videos: |    33

Scott Gates

"I want you to know what I know, what you do with it is up to you." - Scott Gates

"Every team has a coach, who's coaching your wellness TEAM?!"

Meet your expert Scott Gates Scott was blessed to grow up in Southern California. Not in a big city, but where people could ride there horses to a restaurant, and you waved at everyone driving by. He also grew up with lots of childhood illness, constant digestive issues, terrible allergies, and asthma. He was still able to become an all-American college athlete, coach, and successful business man. He has endured the stress of owning his IT company, and the drain and damage that stress can do to your health.

What's your next step?

Coach Scott’s program’s are more than just for guys working out. It’s about bringing your “A” game into their health, business, family, mindset, and career. In todays world, there are very few programs that support being a man. I started this after years of hearing women complain about their guys. And trust me, I spend as more time sticking up for guys and coaching women on men, as I do on supporting the guys I work with in this program. What game have you got?

8 years ago, he went all in, and became an essential oils expert, wellness coach, certified NLP practitioner and coach. He is building his wellness business, and collaborating with other experts he uses himself. He has an amazing ability to explain things to people, so that they understand it. He’s my Guy’s expert, and has been helping the women in my groups help their men, MAN UP, and be their best.

Connect with Scott Gates: |    35

Rachel Feldman is a health coach and business niche strategy coach. Rachel helps her clients to build profitable and sustainable businesses so they can build successful businesses online and offline. After only earning 13K her first year in coaching, she knew she needed to learn how to create a sustainable business built with a solid sales funnel. Rachel went from making 13K to 72K by year 2 1/2 and then broke six figures in her third year of business. Today, Rachel teaches the same system she built her successful health coaching practice to other health and wellness professionals. She's helped more than 8,000 health coaches rock their biz to the next level by nailing down their niche and creating a signature business with strategy. Rachel Feldman |    36


A simple 2-step process.

Create a post on Facebook saying that you’re launching your new business (or new program or offer). Say this in your post: “I’m giving away 1 free program to 5-10 amazing people who want to stop yo-yo dieting, quit their sugar addiction, and have tons more energy. In exchange, I’ll ask you for a 30-minute interview and testimonial. The people I’m looking for are [insert qualities of your ideal clients]." You’ll us that 30-minute interview to ask them questions and get feedback on your program. You’ve already got a network of friends, family, and co-workers, and they’re probably your biggest cheerleaders. If you’re a new coach, start by tapping into your current network and talking to people who might fit your ideal client profile. Here's how: Online: Reach out to people you know (friends and family) who already TRUST you. Make the same offer to have 5-10 people join your program for free in exchange for feedback and a testimonial. If you’re already an established coach, announce the beta test of your new program for a deeply discounted rate. Again, in exchange for feedback and a testimonial. Get on calls with the people you’ve invited into your free or discounted program, and ask them questions like: What are you struggling with when it comes to ______ (insert what you help with)? What do you wish your health, life, etc. looked like instead? What have you tried in the past that hasn’t worked? When you’re searching for answers, what format appeals to you? (quick fix, deeper support, checklist, video, etc?) What did you gain from joining my program? What did you achieve? (ask this after you’ve coached them) Step 2: Get your ideal clients on the phone and ask questions. The simple 2-step process below will help you understand exactly what your ideal client is struggling with, how they think and feel, and how to find the exact words to use in your messaging. Step 1: Do Some Practice Coaching or Beta Testing Offline: |    37

CREATE MESSAGES THAT ATTRACT The things your ideal clients say inform what kinds of free and paid programs you offer, and they become the messaging you use to sell your programs. If you interview an ideal client, and they say:“I’m so tired. I haven’t slept through the night in months. I’m chugging coffee all day just to make it through work, and I end up eating frozen pizza on the couch every night because I’m too exhausted to cook.”

Your offer could be about “Healthy Sleep Habits” or “Eating for Sleep”.

Your messaging will be - “Sick of feeling tired all the time? You haven’t slept through the night in months. You’re chugging coffee all day just to make it through work. And you end up eating frozen pizza on the couch every night because you’re too exhausted to cook. Sound like you? I’ve got something you need to see…”

“A profitable message mirrors what your ideal client has to say - in there own words” 


FREE GIFTS: Gift #1 Profitable Business Course -wellness-biz-blueprint-series/

Gift #2 Find Your Zen Free Program coach-find-your-zen-rachel-feldman/

Gift #2 is not even available online as of yet. You are the first to access this valuable offer!

Buy it. Brand it. Launch it! |    38

Dr. Tawnie

Free Gift of the Season! The gift of a restful nights sleep!

Dr, Tawnie is an accomplished sleep educator, and Doctor of Natural Medicine. Having over 19 years of experience in the sleep field, she has dedicated herself to helping people improve their quality of sleep thus their quality of life.

Your Free Sleep Journal:

Apples are high in fiber and water - two qualities that make the filling.

Recipe by Dr. Dee

Who hasn't heard the saying "an apple a day will keep the doctor away"? What is it about these fruits that makes them so powerful and beneficial for our health? When it comes to apples there are quite a few things they have the ability to aid in. One of my personal favorite things about apples is their ability to help wake you up. In fact, did you know the scent alone of an apple has the ability to help wake you up more than that of a cup of coffee? Apples are also very filling due in part to their high fiber content. Not to mention the taste and variety makes them an ideal addition to any menu when you are looking to lose weight.

With the new year just around the corner these metabolism revving wonders can you reach this years weight loss goals. Apples are also filled with multiple vitamins and minerals that can help stimulate both you immune and digestive systems. They are also amazing for promoting good oral hygiene. Luckily, for us apples are a winter fruit which means they are available at a lower cost this season. Be sure to check out the Best Holisitic Life blog regularly for more amazing recipes featuring this wonder fruit and get ready to see a whole new you! |   40

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"An apple a day helps keep the doctor away." Apple Pie Popcorn!

Apple Pie Popcorn


Top Recipe

1/2 cup Popcorn kernels (or Sorghum for gluten-free version) 2 Tbs Raw Coconut Oil 2 tsp Sea Salt Popcorn:


1 medium Apple 1 medium Pear

1 Tbs Raw Coconut Oil 2 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp salt 2 Tbs Water 1 tsp Lemon Juice


Popcorn: In sauce pan (medium size) add oil, salt, and kernels of your choice. Cook on medium to high heat until popcorn kernels are no longer popping (turn the heat off once popping has slowed to 1 pop every 10 seconds). Topping: Dice fruit and add to medium sized pan with oil, cinnamon, and salt. Cook on high heat for 3-5 minutes and add juice and water. Cook off liquid until fruit is tender. Top popcorn once juice has rendered. Add additional salt and cinnamon to taste.

Blueberries ranked number one in antioxidant health benefits in a comparison with more than 40 fresh fruits and vegetables.

Recipe by Dr. Dee

Blueberries are widely recognized as a superfood and can enhance almost all areas of your health, and your skin is no exception to this rule. These small, juicy fruits are one of the richest sources of antioxidants you'll find and these antioxidants will protect your skin from harmful free radicals that accelerate the visible sings of aging. They're also an excellent source of vitamin C which promotes the production of collagen in the body - a connective tissue which helps the skin maintain it's elasticity and youthful appearance. When it comes to eating berries, you have lots of options. They can be eaten on their own as a snack, combined with yogurt to add flavor or even used as part of a berry based fruit salad.

One of my favorite ways to use seasonal fruits such as blueberries is in this delicious recipe. Consumption of blueberries has been linked to health benefits

including a reduced risk of cancer, increased insulin response, a reversal in age- related memory loss, and lowering blood pressure.

If you would like to read more about other powerhouse fruits you check out this past blog of mine, "What can fruit do for you?" |   42

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of the Season!

"Healthy Food Healthy Life?"

Blueberry Breakfast bars

Vegan & Gluten Free


2 cups frozen blueberries 2 Tbs ground flaxseed 2 tsp chia seeds


2 medium ripe bananas 1 cup gluten free oats 1 cup coconut flour 2 tsp ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp salt

2 Tbs maple syrup 1 Tbs coconut oil


Filling: Thaw blueberries and add chia and flaxseed, then set aside. Crust: Mash bananas with fork. Add remaining ingredients for crust. Stir until it comes a loose dough. Set aside 3/4 c. for toppings. Spray non stick coconut oil on 8x8 baking pan. Spread out crust evenly. Add filling.

Bake at 350 F. for 27-30 minutes or until golden brown on top! Enjoy!

Nurishing Lotion

With winter finally here that means colder claimants that have a tendency to remove moisture from the air and you. Whom amongst us doesn't want soft and hydrated skin year round? You would think with all the additional moisture in the form of rain or snow in our environment that we would need less lotion or moisturizer in the winter. Unfortunately, in the winter the humidity level drops. This causes the moisture inside our skin to evaporate more quickly. Resulting in skin that feels tight and dry. In fact, in the winter your skin loses more than 25 percent of its ability to hold its moisture.

How can you avoid dry skin this season? Keep your skin protected and covered, stay hydrated, and use this indulgent lotion recipe!

Nurishing Lotion recipe: -2 tsp Grape-seed oil

-1 tsp Vitamin E oil -2 tsp Aloe vera gel

H O W T O K E E P Y O U R S K I N L O O K I N G & F E E L I N G I T ' S B E S T !

-2 Tbs Raw Coco Butter -2 tsp Arrowroot powder

-5 Drops Lavender essential oil -5 Drops Melaleuca essential oil -15 Drops Orange essential oil -10 Drops Cassia essential oil Blend all ingredients together throughly. Place mixture into a glass jar/container and store in cool dry location. In the summer I store my in the refrigerator!

By Dr . Dee

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"Together we are changing The world one expert at a time!"

Tune in to Oh, My Health... There is HOPE. I'm Jana Short your host, founder of Best Holistic Life and Health Influencers Mastermind. I'm also a wellness coach and NLP Practitioner.

I will be talking to fellow health experts, major influencers and extraordinary people to discuss holistic health, wellness and sharing their incredible stories of hope with you.

This time of year, we experience a much higher stress level compared to the rest of the year. With tensions high we can see a decline in our health. By eating foods that are naturally abundant during this time of year, we are providing our bodies with the nutrients that need to be replenished within us. Have you ever noticed that you crave certain foods depending on the time of year? Personally, I can't go through a summer without eating a ton of watermelon and pineapple. Turns out these two fruits are filled with electrolytes and extremely hydrating. In the winter I crave apples, pears, and tons of spices. Not to mention all of those delicious baked root vegetables you see covering everyone's holiday tables. Ever wonder why?

REPLENISH & RENEW I tell my clients all the time to learn from nature. There truly is a reason for every season. Like all mothers, Mother nature wants you to be happy and healthy year round too! That is why eating seasonally can be so beneficial to your wellbeing. Most winter foods are nutrient dense and packet with fiber and anti-inflammatory properties. There is a reason! By Dr . Dee

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B E S T H O L I S T I C L I F E . C O M


What we put into our bodies directly determines what we can get out of them . It is imperative that we provide our bodies with the building materials they desperately need . If you feel like something is off in regards to your health , your nutrition should be the first thing you evaluate !


With the weather constantly driving us indoors it is nice to have delicious hot foods that have the power to warm us inside and out. The next time you go to your neighborhood grocery store, or even better farmer market, take a look at which foods are in abundance. It is a great way to find out what is in season and even better these foods are often much lower in cost due to their abundance in season. At the end of the day, if you are looking to improve your health in a quick, easy, and natural way, you need to focus on nutrition. Luckily, here at the Best Holistic Life we pride ourselves on providing you with tons of healthy recipes that taste great. If you need additional help in making the power of Mother nature work for you, feel free to contact me directly at

-Dr. Dee

The foods that are naturally produced in the winter and fall months are: apples, acorn squash, pears, oranges, sweet potatoes, turnips, Brussels sprouts, kale, dates, pumpkin, Swiss chard, squash, grapes, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, leeks, cranberries, radish, butternut squash, and so much more! What do all these foods have in common? You guessed it. They are high in fiber to help keep us full longer. Not to mention the bluk of these foods are best served hot.

B E S T H O L I S T I C L I F E . C O M

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Stories that will captivate your heart, inspire you, and offer hope!

Compiled by Danielle Lynn

Has your long journey to parenthood been paved with heartache and loss?

How many times have you grieved in silence?

The authors in this book have which is why they felt compelled to talk about their journeys openly and honestly so that you know you are not alone. They want you to know that you can rise-up and rise strong after experiencing a loss of tis magnitude. just like they did. Within these pages, you'll find unbelievable stories that are gut wrenching and heartbreaking, but more importantly, they re truly inspiring. The authors no longer grieve in silence. Instead, they openly share their stories in the true spirit of providing hope and healing for those who read it. Our hope is that we are able to inspire you, too! You can purchase your signed copy by co- author Cathy McKinnon through the link above.

Having a baby seems to be more and more difficult these days. We all know someone who has had an issue conceiving. Everywhere you turn, dreams of being a parent are shattered. Have you experienced feelings of dread when you've thought about taking yet another pregnancy test? Perhaps you've experienced the excitement of getting pregnant, only to discover at the next doctors visit there is no heartbeat. Maybe you've been on an emotional rollercoaster of giving birth to a child, loving him or her unconditionally only to have the child pass away as a result of an un expected tragedy.


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Find out the best version of who you are and give yourself away to others.

By: Kody Bateman

The True Avenue to SUCCESS!

Building Relationships!

The Power of Human Connection is a book for everyone in business. It teaches the true avenue of success: Build relationships, love people, celebrate life, and be of service to others. When people see the term relationship marketing, they tend to focus more on the second word than on the first. They want to know how they can market to get more business. But increasingly, the business world is beginning to realize that keys to building business are creating genuine relationships, appreciating your customers and clients, and networking to give. Kody has trained hundreds of thousands of people in his relationship marketing and personal development courses.

He has passion for celebrating the diversity of humanity and a core mission is to bring the human race together. For many years Kody has taught that there is an art to creating bonds, trust and assurance. When you take the time to build relationships, he says, the typical aspects of marketing become simplified and genuine. Relationships create an emotional one-on-one connection and a memorable experience. With serval bonus chapters, Kody also shares personal development principles that help you nourish your relationship with self. Kody Bateman is the founder of the modern- day relationship marketing movement, and founder and Chief Visionary Officer of SendOutCards, the premier relationship marking service.



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When you choose Palm Organix™, you can know that you are using a product that has been lab-tested and produced in the United States according to the highest safety and quality standards. Our products are also gluten-free, fast-absorbing, and some are even vegan and kosher. Most importantly, we can also promise that they are THC-free.

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