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History, Art, and Luck

Celebrating 35 Years of Marriage

Paris was far more laid back. Of course, we went to the Louvre, where Faith really got to indulge her passion for the classics. We saw the "Mona Lisa," the Venus de Milo, and plenty of other pieces I’m sure Faith could tell you the names of. I’m not much of an art guy myself, but I’ll admit I still had a great time. “By complete accident, we’d chosen to make the trip to Westminster Abbey on the same day Queen Elizabeth II opened Parliament.” The real highlight of Paris was the Eiffel Tower. That’s where we decided to spend our anniversary itself, which was more than worth it. The view from the top was spectacular, and the restaurant on the second level lived up to its reputation. The service was fantastic, and surprisingly un-snooty. The meal was well worth the price, too. It’s not a dining experience I’d like to have every year but definitely the perfect fit to celebrate 35 incredible years. Some people ask if there’s a secret to making a marriage last. I think the truth is you just have to take it one day at a time. It’s not like after we said “I do” we were magically bonded together forever. Love’s a choice — some days it can be an extremely easy one to make, and others not so much. Three and a

In the early ‘80s, by a stroke of dumb luck, I got a girl to go out with me by asking her about her hat. We were two Long Island kids, so I took her to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in Manhattan. As we looked out on the Hudson, I never would have guessed we’d one day be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary in the restaurant on the second level of the Eiffel Tower. But that’s exactly what Faith and I did this year. We actually managed to hit both London and Paris on this occasion — something I highly recommend. Both cities have their own very different sort of charm, but they’re only a short train ride away from each other. For an anniversary trip with a history lover and an art lover, we couldn’t have picked a better pair of destinations. The magic really started for us at Westminster Abbey. We’d gone there to see the royal tombs or, as Faith called them, “the boxes of dead kings.” But in the end, we actually got to see the activities of a living queen. By complete accident, we’d chosen to make the trip to Westminster Abbey on the same day Queen Elizabeth II opened Parliament. While we didn’t see the monarch up close, we got a good look at the Queen’s Guard who marched into Westminster. With horse- drawn carriages and plenty of pomp, it really did feel like we’d stepped back in time.

half decades leaves room for plenty of ups and downs, and making it that far requires real patience. It takes the kind of patience that lets you indulge a husband whose ideas for fun vacation outings include reading the Magna Carta, watching opening arguments in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, and, yes, looking at boxes of dead kings. Thank you for an amazing trip, Faith, and an unforgettable 35 years. I guess luck’s still on my side.



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