WHAT’S NEW Paramount whitebait gains MSC certification

Country Choice adds curry and chilli Potato Dogs Turning up the heat in the hand-held snacking sector are two new Potato Dogs from Country Choice - curry and chilli. The Curry Potato Dog is a frankfurter-style curry sausage wrapped in a potato rösti outer, while the Chilli version features a chilli-flavoured sausage. The 140g Potato Dogs are packed in cases of 20, with an RRP of £2.05 per snack. Baked from frozen in 20-25 minutes, they have a four-hour shelf life in the hot cabinet once cooked, and are easily identifiable by their colour-coded cardboard holders. Country Choice 0344 892 0399

All three of Paramount 21’s whitebait products have achieved Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. This means operators can be sure the fish they serve have come from fisheries that have been independently certified as well managed and sustainable. Whitebait is becoming a firm favourite with consumers while for operators it is quick- to-serve, cooking in just two to three minutes, and offers

great margins with three to five starter portions per bag. The range includes MSC Blanchbait, Gluten-Free MSC Coated Whitebait, and Uncoated MSC Whitebait. Paramount 21 01626 837650

Adande launches ‘B’ energy class rating grab-and-go open-display cabinet

It’s all about the Basa

Young’s Foodservice has launched Crispy Battered 100% Fish Fillet Goujons. Made using sustainable Basa fillets, the goujons come frozen in 4 x 1kg bags. They are easy to cook and can served in a multitude of ways, for example on their own with a dip, added to a sandwich or as part of a sharing platter. Young’s Foodservice

Adande has launched a new energy efficient BORA open-display refrigerated cabinet that helps operators sell their chilled drinks while reducing their carbon footprint. With a B energy class rating, a rating only seen until now on refrigeration complete with glass doors, Adande believes the unit can save operators up to £1,000 per year in electricity per cabinet, compared to other existing open-display units. Powered by Adande’s Aircell patented air management technology, the cabinet consistently holds the cold air in place, barring it from falling out. This delivers both a stable temperature and precisely controlled humidity, which keeps food fresher for longer, reducing food waste. The cabinet comes in a black, stainless-steel and white finish and uses the natural refrigerant R290. Adande 01502 537135



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