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Rich in heritage, Henry Jones is the original and best batter mix

Henry Jones is the original batter mix and the only name you need to know when it comes to batter. Henry Jones famously invented self- raising flour in 1845 and, over 70 years ago, he fine-tuned his flour formula to become synonymous with the finest batter solutions to serve the British fish and chip community. In 1945, the special recipe was patented and today, Henry Jones portfolio combines his traditional

traditional range

craftmanship with quality mixtures that operators know and love.

have been improved over time to become quick

Special recipe Henry Jones batter mix special recipe delivers the unique rippled, spiked texture and colour depth your customers’ eyes will be drawn to, without any compromise. Suitable for use with fish, sausages, onion rings, chicken, burgers and other fresh foods, all varieties from the

and easy to use whilst delivering dependable and reliable results every time. Henry Jones believe that quality should never be compromised no matter what the circumstance. With no soy or artificial colourings, the range provides a less puffy, more textured batter with a softer bite, perfect for any fish and chip shop.

Henry Jones Batter Mix is the original and the best... delivering unique spiked and rippled batter since 1945 FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: EU.KERRYFOODSERVICE.COM/PAGES/HENRY-JONES

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