Freedom never felt so good

Connect and conquer

Isn’t it great when things just work?

It’s time to set your customers free.

We’ve made it a priority to keep integration simple – with setup taking just a few minutes.

Because right now, 90% of businesses are locked into a bad deal with their provider. Handcuffed for a year or more, with no way out unless they pay a hefty fee. Dojo could pay up to £3,000 towards your exit costs when you switch to us from another provider. And our contract terms start from just one month.

Leveraging our cloud-based solution, payments are pushed from your EPOS to your Dojo card machine, so there’s no need to enter transactions twice.

You could even free up a third of your time cashing up each day.*

Now that’s not a bad deal.

So there’s more time for a tea.



Built to be bulletproof

Payday. Every day.

Security – it’s important.

Here’s a not-so-fun fact.

In fact, two-thirds of businesses we asked said that security was the number one consideration when choosing a new card payments provider. Dojo card machines are built with point-to-point encryption as standard. It’s the strongest payment security in the market.

70% of businesses in the UK face waits of up to five days to get their funds.

But Dojo pays businesses faster than any other provider as standard – from 10am the next day . Including weekends and bank holidays. And with no extra costs for the privilege.

So your income is always protected.

It’s like a payday, but every day.

Get superfast payments. Contact Elena Tsikkini on or call 07564160893 .

*Free up a third of your time cashing up each day. 131 customers asked across two studies in 2019 and 2021: the saving was 3 minutes 55 seconds, equating to 34.9% of the time taken; margin of error of 22 seconds at 95% confidence.

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