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chippy-inspired Lee Lifter prevents fish from breaking

Queen’s Plaice swaps chipper & peeler for Particularly GoodPotatoes

Fed up with fish breaking when it is removed from the cabinet to serve to customers, chip shop owner John Lee has created his own fish lifter. Made from 316 food grade stainless steel, the utensil is available in two lengths - 28cm and 21cm (not including the handle). Both measure 10cm wide and are large enough to handle an 8oz piece of fish, keeping it in tact from hot box to fish box. John, whose family own five shops in and around Southampton including Best Fry, J Henry’s and Sonny’s Traditional Fish And Chips, comments: “When we decided to change from skin on to skinless fish, breaking became even more of a problem. “I noticed that there was nothing on the market that was suitable so after a few prototypes we now have one that we are happy with. We use them in all of our stores and have sold over 200 through Facebook. “They can be used for other things as well as fish. I’ve had multiple people say they are using them for placing cheesy chips under a salamander and then just sliding them off into the box.” The Lee Lifters cost £39.95 each plus £4.95 postage. E-mail:

When James Trotter joined his mum’s business, Queen’s Plaice in Amble, Northumberland, a year ago he was unimpressed with the time and effort it took to rumble and chip the takeaway’s potatoes. Two months later, he was giving away his chipper and peeler in place of twice weekly deliveries of pre-cut chips from Particularly Good Potatoes. “The quality of the chips from Particularly Good Potatoes is amazing,” he says. “When we were rumbling potatoes ourselves the quality of the chips were never consistent, now we are consistently getting nice flavoured chips. And they are cooking so well too, they are coming out golden in colour and crispy and they are always like that, even 20 minutes after cooking.” With Particularly Good Potatoes being only 30 minutes away in Wooler, James says customers respect the fact they are using a local business while for the shop it means they are on hand for any short notice deliveries. “We’ve had a few days where we’ve run out of chips early because we’ve been busy and Particularly Good Potatoes have popped out and delivered to us. It’s never any trouble for them.” With the space that was previously taken up by the chipper and peeler now being used for storage, there is also room for a new fridge for the bags of chilled chips. James adds: “Moving to pre-cut chips meant we had to invest in a fridge but it’s been beneficial for us as we can now do way more products, like haggis and halloumi, which we wouldn’t have had the cold storage for before.” Gaining several hours of his time back, James strongly believes pre-cut chips is the way to go, adding: “By the time you’ve taken into consideration labour, machinery and space, it’s way more beneficial to use pre-cut chips and I’ve never had a problem with quality. Chips are one of the main things in a fish and chip shop so there’s a loft of responsibility left to Particularly Good Potatoes but I trust them totally and think they do a really great job.” Particularly Good Potatoes 01668 281090

Congratulations to Salop Fish Bar in Oswestry, Shropshire, who won a selection of branded t-shirts and hats in our National Fish and Chip Day giveaway last month.



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