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So, you have a toddler and you’re thinking of going on a holiday? There are plenty of people who’ll tell you not to bother: wait until they’re a bit older and easier to reason with; a holiday with a toddler isn’t really a holiday at all. We know of one mum whose newly potty-trained two-year-old daughter briefly forgot her training and did a poo in the ball pit on the ferry to France. And another poor soul, whose three-year-old son went walkabout in Berlin, only to be brought safely back to her 30 minutes later by German police. She was, understandably, in pieces while he was having a great time in the police car, with the sirens on full blast. Hippychick has been in the business of helping parents travelling with under fives for twenty years. Founder, Julia Minchin, is well seasoned in this, having had three children of her own and travelling with all three under 5!

Where to go 4 Our pick of the top toddler-friendly destinations Way to go 6 Planes, trains or automobiles? Long or short haul? What to take 7 Packing – the absolute essentials Baggage 8 Unravelling the complexities of airline baggage restrictions Killing time 10 What to do when your flight’s delayed Food 11 Make mealtime relaxed on holiday Sleep 12 To siesta or not to siesta Illness 13 How to manage common ailments on holiday The Elements 14 Coping with extreme weather conditions Take it from us 16 Hippychick’s suggestions for holiday must-haves

So, with our yonks of experience, we’re confident that we are in the best possible position to tell you that travelling with your toddler can actually be fun! While you may not get to spend hours dozing by the pool with the latest holiday bonkbuster, you can still enjoy a break from the daily grind and spend quality time with your family. As with many things in life, the key to successful travelling with toddlers is to be prepared. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you get the most from your time away .



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