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APRIL 2020

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that many outdoor activities, but we actually live in a great city for outdoor recreation! Believe me — I’ve lived in Florida where it was still hot and sticky after midnight in the spring — El Paso’s climate is gorgeous. You don’t have to take my word for it, either. In 2015, HuffPost named El Paso one of the “8 Places With Always-Perfect Weather,” putting us up there with the Canary Islands; Sydney, Australia; and yes, San Diego. With that in mind, I hate thinking that my neighbors are feeling trapped indoors because of health and fitness issues, particularly with Earth Day just around the corner and so much to do outside. While PT can help people who are recovering from injury or illness to get back on their feet, it takes a different approach to help those who want to lose a little weight, who are getting older, or who are lacking confidence and direction. That’s where our new Wellness Program comes in. The revamped program is exercise-based and has a dietary and nutritional counseling component. In the past, the Wellness Program focused on one- on-one training and partner training, but now we’re adding classes for small groups of 3–4 people. If you’re not a gym person but still want to stay healthy and active, these classes are for you! Our technicians will guide you through exercises, and you’ll get access to specialized equipment like our AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, which takes the pressure off of sore joints and makes walking easier.

First of all, I want to thank my wonderful wife, Bonnie, for taking over last month’s newsletter to bring you a thoughtful perspective of New Year’s resolutions. I hope you enjoyed hearing from her because odds are she’ll be writing a few more of these articles in the future! We have some big, exciting changes coming up here at the clinic that will demand a bit more of my time this spring and summer, and as much as I hate to miss writing to you, I’m really excited about what’s coming. In our next couple of newsletters, Bonnie and I will give you a sneak peek, but this month we’re ready to unveil change No. 1: a brand- new version of our Wellness Program. I mentioned the program a few months back when I told you the story of Doris and Larry, but between then and now, my team and I have realized that in its old format, the program wasn’t quite living up to my vision. When I opened Spine & Rehab Specialists more than 20 years ago, I knew that I wanted to provide a service that went beyond PT. My goal was to create a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that included everything from small group fitness classes to nutrition advice and gave my neighbors the tools they needed to really enjoy life in El Paso. You see, since moving here from the Netherlands, I’ve really fallen in love with my second home, and spring is my favorite time of year here. El Paso has a bad reputation for not having

We’re offering four different programs tailored to meet different needs: A sports enhancement program, a balance program, a weight loss program, and an adult fitness program. People of all ages and abilities are welcome in each class, and by combining different class types, you can work on your strength, endurance, balance, and more. Come alone or bring a friend, your partner, or your whole family. To learn more about the Wellness Program and check out our class schedule, call the Spine & Rehab Specialists clinic near you. My team and I would love to help you feel healthier, slimmer, and more confident, and make sure that you can enjoy some time outside this Earth Day!

– Harry Koster

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