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Jan 2018

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Why We Battle

“ It really is heartening to see the things we can accomplish for the people who put their trust in us.”

Ever since I first entered my undergraduate studies, I knew I wanted to be a litigator on the front lines of the courtroom. I’ve always been a deeply competitive person, and the idea of battling it out with an opponent as if in some complex chess match appealed strongly to that side of me. I structured my life in such a way that I’d be in law school as quickly as I could, eager to gain the skills that would make me a successful attorney. But it wasn’t until the latter end of my studies, and later, working here at Driggs, Bills & Day, that I realized just how meaningful this work could be. Sure, it’s satisfying to work in an environment as dynamic as personal injury law and to constantly strategize, but I don’t just duke it out for the sake of money or in the interests of some massive corporation. Everything I do in this firm is for regular people, simply trying to secure the compensation they need to get back to their everyday lives.

she’d have to undergo double-level fusion surgery for her neck, an extremely costly procedure, and one that would have lasting implications on the rest of her life.

Before coming to us, she’d been turned down by a couple other firms in the area who’d thrown up their hands after seeing the settlement agreement she’d signed. But, unlike other firms or settlement mills, we’re dedicated to taking cases that aren’t an easy slam dunk, going the extra mile to ensure that injured clients really get what they deserve. I worked tirelessly on the client’s case, searching far and wide to find some way we could negotiate around the previous settlement. Though they initially filed for a summary judgment from the courts, arguing that the case had already been settled on paper, we were able to reopen negotiations. Eventually, they agreed to settle for around $85,000, a far cry from the pittance they’d offered at the beginning. Almost everything went into the client’s pocket, and she left much better off than she had been when we first saw her. It’s these moments, when you get to prevent a regular person from being cheated out of the money they need to survive, that make all the lengthy debates and complicated strategies worth it. Alongside an incredible, supportive team in the office, fighting for the rights of ordinary folks, I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better place to work.

It really is heartening to see the things we can accomplish for the people who put their trust in us. Even though I’ve only been at the firm a little under two years, I’ve seen my share of uplifting, inspiring cases.

About a year ago, a woman in her early twenties came into our office with a few minor injuries after being rear ended in a severe collision. The case seemed pretty straightforward, except for one vital detail — before she hired us, she’d signed a settlement release with the insurance company, accepting a measly amount around $6,000. The settlement might have worked out fine for her had the doctors not later discovered that, due to the whiplash she’d suffered in the accident,

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