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McKenzie Method Exercises for Spinal Pain Over 70% of patients with low back pain respond to specific direction of spinal movement. The McKenzie method includes many different direction of spine movement exercises for low back pain in order

to alleviate your symptoms. Your physical therapist will asses your condition in order to determine which direction of exercise will reduce your symptoms.

Patient Spotlight

My first visit was with Dr. Eric Jorde. He is a tall gentleman with an excellent bedside manner. I was taken to a private room and was able to go over all my concerns and he set out a detailed plan. After several visits, I had mastered the techniques Dr. Jorde taught me how to stop my migraines and the home physical therapy to strengthen and rebuild neck muscles / reset my nerves. AKA STOP THE TRIGGER POINTS!!! At this point, the plan is two more weeks and as needed after that. Dr. Eric Jorde and Virginia Center for Spine and Sports Therapy are amazing. From the first phone call to the completion of care, they actual care. I got my more of functionality back. Trying to live with migraines daily doesn’t work, now I haven’t had one for 7 days!!! ThankyouDr.Jorde.Life issomuchbetterwithout the fearof thepain!” -A.H.

“Dr. Eric Jorde with Virginia Center for Spine and Sports Therapy started my physical therapy almost (exactly) one year after collision with a tractor trailer. Dr. Jorde worked with me primarily on migraine headaches caused by “trigger points” in my neck from the whip-lash and he even touched on strengthening my posture. This aided in reducing stress on my neck causing “trigger points” and “post op care” from my thoracic outlet syndrome surgery. When I arrived at Virginia Center for Spine and Sports Therapy I will be honest, I had been to another local Physical Therapy Practice throughout this fourteen-month nightmare. I didn’t have high hopes. I called thenumbermyPCPgavemeand tomysurpriseanactualhuman answered the phone. She was kind, knowledgeable and extremely easy to schedule with. When I arrived, I was greeted by a smiling office manager that was polite and answered all my questions. She walked me through what to expect with my insurance and let me know what to expect with the visit. Now when I come, they know me by name, and I still see that great smile.

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