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It’s the fourth quarter!

Millions of football fans around the country look forward to the drama and tension created on both professional and college fields during the last three months of the year. Coaches and teammates ask the players to finish strong. Wins can be pulled out. Seemingly impossible odds can be overcome. What do you have in store? This month we’re introducing our newest team member and associate, Mitch Kaufman. Mitch is a recent graduate from The “U.”We’re excited to have him on board and you’ll be hearing directly from him soon. As I write this, the devastation of Hurricane Dorian continues. Between the Bahamas and the Carolinas, many people will be in need of supplies and assistance. Please see if you can help through a local organization that is providing relief. We will be donating through the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce’s collection program.

How to Dodge the Business BoogeymenThis Halloween

When Halloween rolls around, it’s easy to become so preoccupied with the monsters stalking the sidewalks and TV screens that you forget about the everyday boogeymen plaguing your office year-round. While the pillagers of workplace culture don’t wear fake fur, excessive makeup, or rubber masks, they can be just as terrifying as their fictional counterparts. Here’s a list of monsters to watch for, just in time for collecting candy.


Though it often creeps up quietly, few monsters are more damaging to workplace culture than the boredom mummy. If excessive routine has made your office yawn-inducing or has mummified your employees at their desks, a crisis is likely nearby. One CNN article postulated that boredom is “the new stress,” and bored employees are more likely to be unhappy and seek new positions, even if they’re still effective. To keep boredom levels in check, try to automate repetitive tasks, offer new challenges, and encourage communication.

More exciting things are happening with us before the year is out.

Stay tuned and we’ll see you next month!


Gossip is like a werewolf. It doesn’t show up every day, but, when it does, it wreaks havoc. Rumors quickly destroy morale, erode relationships, and ramp up workplace tension. Worse, they can cause even the most dedicated employees to quit due to what’s often labeled as a “toxic” office culture. Inc. Magazine claims that zero-tolerance policies, regular meetings to air

-AJ Yolofsky

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