AFAS 2019 Annual Report

FOCUS ON RECOVERY Assistance from AFAS helps ease the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis.


falling behind on the bills. It also allowed this Airman to focus on his job, and “helped me to keep my head in the game,” he said. Now, with his humanitarian reassignment, the TSgt is reunited with his wife. Instead of worrying about their finances, they can focus on recovery, thanks to AFAS. Encouraging anyone who is experiencing undue hardship, the Airman urges others to reach out to the Society for assistance. “There are wonderful people standing by to help you through your times of need,” he said. From the bottom of his heart, this Airman thanks all of the donors who helped ease the burden during his difficult time. “My family and I are incredibly grateful.”

When a Technical Sergeant’s wife received her cancer diagnosis, their world immediately changed. If a major health condition was not enough to deal with, the Airman was assigned to a new base during his wife’s treatment. While his wife stayed behind to finish treatment, the TSgt moved and waited for a humanitarian reassignment back to his previous base. In the meantime, this family now had to pay two sepa- rate rents. Having been an Airman for 13 years, the TSgt heard about the Air Force Aid Society through the Airman and Family Readiness Center. Knowing his Air Force family had his back, he turned to AFAS for assistance to help with the unexpected bills.

“This support was a tremendous relief for my family and me,” he stated, which kept him from

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