AFAS 2019 Annual Report


Madeline Jensen can start a new

career because of a program from AFAS.

Madeline is now attending Delaware Technical Community College, and unlike her lost college credits, the certificate she receives in Delaware will transfer to other states. “This is something I can take with me, no matter where we move,” Madeline stated happily. And, as a pharmacy technician, Madeline will have flexibility in her employment, working either part-time or full, as well as on-base or off. “It’s hard to have to start over everywhere you go,” Madeline explained. And with this certificate, she knows that she won’t have to start a new career with each move, and that provides Madeline great comfort. “I am excited and I look forward to my future,” she said. Madeline sees the SEP and the generous donors to AFAS as “a huge blessing for myself and my family.” She said it’s another way that AFAS shows that they really care and support the families of Airmen.

When Madeline Jensen married her husband, Captain Kyle Jensen, she was in the middle of studying for an undergraduate degree. When they moved soon after, she learned that many of her college credits wouldn’t transfer to another school. After learning about the AFAS Spouse Employment Program (SEP), Madeline decided it sounded interesting, so “why not give it a shot?” she recalled. The AFAS SEP provides free, no-cost entry-level job training to active duty military spouses with a goal to help them secure immediate, viable employment and possibly long-term careers. Upon learning that she qualified for the program, Madeline was very excited to pursue a certificate to be a pharmacy technician, which was something of interest to her already. “I don’t usually count myself as a lucky person, so I was pretty excited…and I am looking forward to the opportunity to further my education and get in the workforce,” she said.



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