AFAS 2019 Annual Report

A Message From Our President

The Honorable William A. Moorman, Major General, USAF (Ret)

“WE TAKE PRIDE IN BEING ABLE TO TELL OUR DONORS AND SUPPORTERS WHEN YOU DONATE $1 TO AFAS, WE WILL DEDICATE $3 IN DIRECT SUPPORT TO AIRMEN AND THEIR FAMILIES.” The sacred trust the Arnolds established over 70 years ago continues to sustain and motivate us to take care of our Airmen today. However, to continue this support, we must have strong performance from our investments and increased donor contributions. We take pride in being able to tell our donors and supporters when you donate $1 to AFAS, we will dedicate $3 in direct support to Airmen and their families. A key aspect of our look ahead is acknowledging that next year we will undergo executive leadership transitions. Successfully planning and installing the next generation of leaders is the mark of good organizations. The Society’s board is fortunate to have the stability of our civilian members to combine with the operational savvy of our uniformed members. In 2020, a few of our senior uniformed members are scheduled to move on and some of our civilian members. Of note is that my esteemed colleague, AFAS CEO Lt. Gen. (Ret) John Hopper has announced his upcoming retirement after 15 years of service to the Society and 35 to the U.S. Air Force. We are preparing an executive search committee to find his replacement. Though our board and CEO leadership changes, we are working to continue to bring in key replace- ments that will position the Society for continued future success. Our partnerships are solid as ever, and we thank the U.S. Air Force, our Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) staff, along with our Military Relief Society part- ners, the American Red Cross, our Air Force charities, Army and Air Force Exchange Service to name a few. Our donors and supporters, we thank you for your continued investment in us. Lastly, to our Airmen and your fam- ilies who sacrifice so much in service to our coun- try, you are the cornerstone of everything that we do.

As we reflect on 2019, our thoughts remain with our Airmen, their families, and the communities hardest hit by 2018’s hurricanes. There’s no doubt in my mind that this year has been one marked by recovery. Families are still rebuilding their homes, Tyndall Air Force Base is being restored. While no one can replace what these families and our Air Force community have lost, we learned how resilient we are in times of adversity. When we stand together, we are even stronger. At the AFAS, we learned a great deal from last year’s disaster relief efforts. We listened to our Air National Guard and Reserve Community. As a board, we sat down with AFAS leadership and discussed an opportunity to extend emergency financial assistance eligibility to Air National Guard personnel on Title 32 USC 502(f) Full-Time Active Guard Reserve (AGR) orders beginning in 2020. This year we also discussed how we will render support to the men and women of the newly created U.S. Space Force. Many of the members of this new service branch will be the very same Airmen we have always supported. As 2020 unfolds, we will continue these discussions with Air Force and Space Force leadership. Concurrently, we have been spending a great deal of time discussing the future of AFAS, to ensure that we will contin- ue to be around for another 77 years.

Thank you for your service!

AFAS.ORG / 2019 Annual Report

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