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JULY 2019

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I love the Fourth of July. I look forward to grilling with my family, watching the kids play in the pool all day, and, above all else, I love fireworks. Watching the fireworks is my favorite part of the Fourth of July. When I was really young, my mom took us to an amazing Fourth of July celebration. I only remember a few details, but the fireworks show still stands out most in my memory. It was truly incredible. We were standing on a higher elevation, so it looked like the fireworks were right in front of us. The colorful explosions lit up the whole sky while a live orchestra played the “1812 Overture” with real cannon fire at the end. When those cannons went off, you could feel the blast in your stomach. I didn’t know where we were at, but I never forgot those fireworks. Years later, after I was married and my husband started teaching at West Point Military Academy in New York, we took our daughters to watch the West Point fireworks show on the Fourth of July. It was so crowded, you couldn’t even find a place to put down a blanket and sit, but, when the fireworks started, it took my breath away. MY FAVORITE 4TH OF JULY TRADITION Light Up the Night

year, I’m still looking forward to the Fourth of July. The golf course near our home puts together a great fireworks show every year. It’s great to bring some chairs out, watch the kids run around and play in the sand bunkers, and wait for the fireworks to start at dusk. They might not be as extravagant as the West Point show, but I’m always happy to watch some fireworks. Last year, I hit a fireworks sale at one of the pop-up stands, and the woman behind the register was so nice and gave me so much free stuff. I ended up with some amazing fireworks I would have never bought for myself. Later, my family and our neighbors found a safe spot and had our own little fireworks show from my bargain bag fireworks. We had so much fun! Whatever your plans are this year, I hope everyone has a fun and safe Fourth of July. This is a great holiday for celebrating the many freedoms we enjoy as a nation — including our freedom to fill the night sky with incredible explosions once a year.

At West Point, they shoot their fireworks off a barge on the Hudson River while the audience watches on land a little higher up. It creates the illusion of being in the fireworks. As the orchestra started to play the “1812 Overture,” I realized this was where my mom had taken us all those years ago. They even had the live cannons at the end. Those fireworks were just as amazing as I remembered. Even though we aren’t driving all the way to New York for the West Point fireworks show this

“I only remember a few details, but the fireworks

show still stands out most in my memory.”

Happy Fourth of July!

—Dr. Elizabeth Duling


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