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Mayor tries again for new Rockland OPP station


suits, monitoring the site during demolition of the building. A consultant’s inspection report indicated that the old buildingmight contain asbestos as part of its buildingmate- rials. Firefighters kept hoses spraying water over the site during demolition, as part of precaution to keep dust down. Fire Chief BrianWilson reported, during a phone interview, that all proper containment procedures were followed in case there was asbestos materials in the building debris.The debris were carted away for proper disposal and excavation of the site and the neighbou- ring land continued. The City is now in legal negotiation regar- ding responsibility for cleanup costs of the site for any hazardous materials. If there was any oil residue in the ground where the Pilon building stood, it must be dug out and removed for decontamination and replaced with clean fill. “That (cleanup liability) will be settled when we get to court,” said Mayor Desjar- dins. Josée Bourbonnais 613-286-9949 Service à domicile

Mayor Guy Desjardins will try once more to see if a combinedOPP/fire station setup might still be possible to replace the aging detachment building in Rockland. “We’re in negotiations with another (pro- vincial) department,”Mayor Desjardins said during an interview following the Jan. 23 re- gular session of Clarence-Rockland council. The mayor declined to give any more specific details on the subject, though he confirmed that part of his schedule during next week’s Rural Ontario Municipalities Association (ROMA) includes a meeting with Marie-France Lalonde, the Orléans MPP who is the new minister for commu- nity safety and correctional services. Mayor Desjardins will explain the City’s need for a newOPP station to Lalonde and also details of past negotiations with the OPP’s financial affairs and planning department. “I really don’t think we had a fair deal,” Desjardins said, regarding the stumbling block in past talks about a combined OPP/ fire station for Rockland. He noted that the Town of Hawkesbury got a new OPP station built with the muni- cipality providing the land for the station and the OPP covering the cost of construc- tion. Desjardins thinks Clarence-Rockland’s original proposal for a combined OPP/fire station on the site of the existing Rockland fire hall had equal value.

La Cité de Clarence-Rockland a exproprié l’ancien terrain de Pilon Huile Fuel en vue de l’expansion de la caserne de pompiers de Rockland. Un rapport d’inspection indiquait que l’ancien édifice pouvait contenir desmatériaux d’amiante utilisés dans la construction d’origine. Des pompiers vêtus de combinaisons de protection contre les matières dangereuses et formés aux techniques de confinement des éléments toxiques surveillaient la démolition de l’édifice. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

city had expropriated the property, located adjacent to the fire hall, in anticipation of future expansion of the Rockland fire station. The fire department had several of its members, dressed in hazmat protection

“I still think our piece of land beside the fire hall is ideal,” he said. Meanwhile a demolition crew took down the house on Laurier Street in Rockland that served as an office for Pilon fuel supply.The

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