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For millions of teens across the country, this summer kicked off their official initiation into the world of work. Regardless of vocation, it seems people always remember the first job they ever had. Their first time keeping track of hours, their first boss offering supervision, and their first time opening a paycheck (and learning what taxes are!) leave a definite imprint on their memory. Regardless of how good or bad the experience compares to jobs you have later on, you never truly forget the lessons you learned from your first job. Fortunately, I remember my first job quite fondly. From ages 7–16, I worked as a paperboy, and I absolutely loved it. I remember waking up in the wee hours of the morning when the papers were delivered to my house, and then sitting on my kitchen floor with my mom and older brother, who had his own route, to rubber band the papers together for easier delivery. Then I’d stuff all the papers in my bag and work my way around the neighborhood. It was this job that taught me the value of viewing each customer as an individual and serving each person in a way that suits them best. During the nine years working this route, I memorized exactly where every customer wanted their paper placed. One guy wanted his paper placed facedown on specific corner of his porch, a woman wanted her paper folded up and placed in her mailbox, and several others had me

open their front door and place the paper on the floor inside.

I specifically remember that at the end of a long and wooded dirt driveway, there lived an older lady who seemed to like her solitude more than most. She lived the farthest away from all the other houses, and walking along the tree-covered path up what seemed like

I wasn’t sure if there was anything worse. Fortunately, the woman generously opened her backyard pool to all the kids in the neighborhood during some of the hottest days of the summer. I always tried to deliver her paper extra carefully to ensure I received that coveted pool invite! Understanding that people have their own definitions of good service has helped me immensely in my current role. Just as people have different preferences for the placement of their newspaper, they also have unique preferences about their dental experiences. I constantly evaluate how I can serve my patients in a way that makes them feel the most comfortable. I’m forever thankful for the lessons in consistency, dedication, responsibility, and dodging spiders I learned during my nine years as the neighborhood paperboy. I hope we can help the young people around us understand and appreciate their first work experiences. I know I’m grateful for my amazing, albeit sometimes difficult, introduction to the world of work.

the largest hill I’d ever seen early in the morning always frightened me a little bit. There were spiders everywhere! I’d meander through the trees, still half asleep, and get pelted in the face by spiderwebs. Then I’d frantically search for any angry spiders crawling on my shirt. As a sleepy 7-year-old, tree-covered path up what seemed like the largest hill I’d ever seen early in the morning always frightened me a little bit. There were spiders everywhere!” “She lived the farthest away from all the other houses, and walking along the

– Dr. Brooks

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