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Mike Bryan

Hello again! So, I’m writing this article in January, and so far, we’ve had a very mild winter. Of course, I’m sure things changed, and we’ll be in the middle of a deep freeze when you read this. Please don’t blame me for any snow storms! This month, I’m featuring my interview with Interim HealthCare of Zanesville Hospice. I interviewed Becky Joseph, community education/engagement, and Tracy Rector, volunteer coordinator. Interim HealthCare of Zanesville Hospice provides various hospice services including but not limited to hospice nursing care, social work and pastoral care, pain and symptom management, pharmacy consultation/services, and much more. Please follow the link below to watch our interview.

Growth mindset, the idea that achievement is due to hard work and effort and not just natural ability, is a hot concept these days. With an abundance of research from Carol Dweck and Angela Duckworth, science has a lot to tell us about how children learn and why teaching the value of effort is the most essential tool parents can give their children to succeed. Follow these three tips to raise your children to adopt growth mindsets. Be a role model. The No. 1 predictor of whether a child will have a growth mindset is whether or not their parents have growth mindsets. So much of what we do is learned by example, and that includes how we perceive our own ability to learn. Duckworth helped popularize growth mindset by assigning it a catchy sobriquet in her book “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.” She also developed a “Grit Scale” that measures how well you embody the trait. If you want to test your own growth mindset, take the free self-assessment at Knowing whether you tend to value hard work and learn from failure or rely more on natural ability to achieve results, also called a fixed mindset, can guide how you model a growth mindset for your children. DO YOUR KIDS KNOW ABOUT GRIT? How Mindset Shapes Young Futures zanesville-hospice

If you have any further questions about hospice, please contact them at 740-453-1173. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy the rest of the month!


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