Eversole Law Firm November 2018

Eversole Monthly

November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving My Gratitude Extends to Everyone in My Life For many people, there is little time in our busy lives to reflect on the things we are grateful for. That applies to me most of the time. From my morning chores with my horses and attending real estate closings and other appointments to taking phone calls and working on my cases, there are a myriad of activities that demand my attention throughout the day. After preparing the evening meals and catching up with my husband, I find there is little brain energy left to do anything but rest and sleep. In preparing for this November issue of Eversole Monthly, I was asked, “What are you grateful for?” My mind went blank. Not because I’m not grateful for anything, but because I haven’t recently taken the time to identify the people, relationships, and blessings for which I am so appreciative. Thank God for Thanksgiving and for being asked this question.

As for me, I am grateful for my morning chores with my horses, my closings, appointments, phone calls, mail, cases, and the slew of other activities I attend to throughout the day. I’m grateful for my amazing staff, dedicated to providing excellent legal services to our community, and I am thankful for our clients, who come and go through our doors every day. I am grateful for my husband and his love and patience with me. I am also grateful for the food we are blessed to have on our table each evening, for my family, and that our children are happy and healthy and fulfilling their own dreams. I’m thankful for my horses and that my relationship with them keeps me grounded, and I am grateful to God who gave me this life I have led, with its ups and downs and wins and losses. I’m thankful for my friends and colleagues who have been with me through thick and thin along the trail of my life’s journey. I thank each and every one of you. May the time with your friends and families be memorable, and may your reflections on your blessings be as meaningful as mine have been this year. Have a grateful and happy Thanksgiving season! -Alysoun Eversole www.eversolelaw.com 1

Thanksgiving is a reminder for us to acknowledge the things and people we appreciate in our lives. It is good for our souls to take a moment and think about the people who have inspired, encouraged, and supported us throughout our lives. Last month, I talked about mentorship and how finding someone to help guide you in your career can be so helpful. With the theme of this month, now is an excellent time to recognize those people who have been there for you and let them know that you are grateful.


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