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TOTAL HOSE MANAGEMENT As businesses seek to reduce operating costs by outsourcing non-core activities, Pirtek’s Total Hose Management solution is becoming UK industry’s preferred service option. Companies have long recognised the benefits of concentrating on their main business activities whilst using specialist suppliers to take over non core services. A good example of this is the supply of hoses for industry. Should a hose failure shut the production line in a chemical plant, the downtime costs and lost production can run into thousands.

Pirtek provides much more than just the 24-7 on-site hose repair service that it is famed for. One of its additional services is the certified testing of hoses to very high pressures. Pirtek is able to test individual hoses to BS 7751 and ISO 1402, satisfying the highest industrial standards. Our SLU hose test rigs are capable of testing hoses to at least 24,000 psi and producing the detailed certification to prove it. Documents generated by the system link the numbered hose to the personnel and date-stamped test on the calibrated and certified test rig.

TAGGING SYSTEM Worn hoses often do not show external damage which makes pre-failure changeout difficult. Hoses that reach the end of their productive lives simply blow-out causing unwanted downtime and often, environmentally damaging spills. Brightly coloured tags, applied when Pirtek hoses are assembled, record the hose age, components used and the contact number of the original Pirtek centre. Therefore, when a hose is installed, its productive life can often be assessed and scheduled for replacement before failure occurs. Contamination is a major contributing cause of reduced efficiency and even machinery failure. A new generation of hose cleaning technology has been developed by Pirtek to ensure protection against contamination and help prevent costly breakdowns and downtime. MOBILE SERVICE UNITS Each Pirtek Centre is equipped to provide rapid response site service to each of its customers in the field.

Mobile units are workshops with equipment and stocks to cater for the breakdown demands of the customer. The Mobile Units operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Where customer volumes are significant Pirtek may “dedicate” one or more mobile units to the specific plant. HUMAN RESOURCES The Pirtek Outsourcing Programme allows companies to release essential personnel for other duties. Pirtek is committed to its training programme and holds the INVESTOR IN PEOPLE award. All technicians employed by Pirtek Centres are City and Guild trained and their role often expands beyond hose making to involve system plumbing, tube bending and installation work.

SOME OF THE KEY BENEFITS ARE: > Reduction in stockholding and improve cashflow > Pro active hose maintenance programme > Better use of human resources The Pirtek Outsourcing Program enables participating companies to make significant reductions in inventory and their administration costs, therefore benefiting the cash flow. Customers can reduce their stock holdings by sourcing their entire fluid power, industrial and specialist hoses, fittings and accessories from their Pirtek centre and have them supplied ‘on-site’. Companies will also see improvements in their cashflow because they will only be paying for hoses when they are needed and not when they are put into stock. In addition with Pirtek’s broad product mix allows companies to source from one supplier instead of several, which reduces administration costs. There is also a centralised billing function for multi-branch operators. A significant change in plant productivity and efficiency can be generated through effective maintenance. Pirtek has pioneered innovative products and services that present opportunities for preventative maintenance of hoses and assemblies for the first time:

This rigorous documentation is particularly significant to safety critical industries such as oil, gas and pharmaceuticals. A Pirtek pressure test is the gold standard. Safety is key and hoses are tested behind ‘bulletproof’ polycarbonate screens. Shorter hoses are assessed within the test rig itself whilst there is the capacity to test longer hoses in a larger safe zone within the premises, behind polycarbonate screens and microswitch-locked doors. Not only are those who ultimately work with the hoses safe, but those who tested them are too.

More and more companies are taking advantage of the Pirtek Total Hose Management programme for outsourcing their wide range of hoses and assemblies.

UK 0800 38 24 38 ROI 1800 74 78 35 www.pirtek.eu

UK 0800 38 24 38 ROI 1800 74 78 35 www.pirtek.eu

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