King's Business - 1920-08



T H E BOOK IS IL L U S TR A TE D W ITH 30 F U L L PAG ED C H A R TS A N D MAPS A N D N UM ER O U S C U T S OF T H E B E A S T A N D SYM BO LS M EN TIO N ED IN T H E BOOK. T H E S C R IP TU R E TE X T O F T H E O L D V ER SIO N IS EM PH ASIZED IN BLA C K TY P E A N D P R IN TED O VER EAC H SUB* J E C T . T H E D ES C R IP TIV E M A TTE R IS A LS O EM PH ASIZED IN B LA C K TY P E. The Writer’s aim has been to prepare a standard work on the Book of Revelation from the Futurist standpoint, and to show that it is to be taken literally, and that it is written in chronological order. The size of the type and the page ( 6 x 9 inches) makes it equivalent to an ordinary book of 400 pages. Cloth Bound —Price Postpaid $2.50 - Remit by P.O. Order

A GREAT BOOK ON DISPENSATIONAL TRUTH Containing 40 Splendid Prophetical Charts, each 9 x20 inches, and 22 Chapters of Descriptive Matter T h e " C h a r t s a r e U n iq u e . S im pl e . C l e a r . U n ifo r m in S t y l e a n d P r e se n t e v e r y P h a s e o f ••D is p e n s a t io n a l T r u t h ” Price Postpud $2.50 Remit by P. 0 . Order Published by the Author CLARENCE LARKIN Pastor Bethany.Baptist Church FOXCHASE. PH1LA. PA. B Y TH E S A M E A U T H O R THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST This Is an Introductory Booklet on the nbove W ork for circulation am ong those who desire information on the Second Coming. It contains over 30 pages o f Descrip­ tive Matter, la illustrated with 8 fine new charts 4 b x 8 inches, and Is beautifully printed. SINGLE COPIES. 25 Cents. 5 COPIES FOR *1-00

TITLES OF CHARTS Rightly Dividing the Word. The Creative Ages». Mountain Peaks o f Proph­ ecy. Perspective o f Prophecy. The Jews. . The Gentile Nations: Prophetical Chronology. The Book, o f Daniel. The Church. The King. The Kingdom. The Book o f Eaeklel. The Millennial Land. The Spirit World. The Threefold Nature of Han. The Resurrection and Judg­ ments. Satan. Antichrist. The Book o f Revelation. Messages to the Seven ^Churches. Daniel's Seventieth Week. The Covenants. The Book of Genesis. The Book o f Exodus. The Book "of Leviticus. The Tabernacle. The Feasts o f the Lord. The Types and Antitypes. The W eeks o f Scripture. The Prophetic Days o f Scripture.. . The Mysteries.

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