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NFL Hall of Famer, Jerry Kramer

Neutral Is Not Good Enough


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Practice Makes Money

Practice Makes Money

3. No means practice. You’ve simply been given more time to master your script and master your art.

One of my client’s salespeople came up with that quote last month, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with you. I had always been told by sports coaches that practice makes perfect. However, you can spend so much time tuning your instrument that you forget to play music. The same thing happens in sales. You can spend so much time studying, getting ready, making lists, and making goals that you never actually SELL anything. Don’t wait until you’re perfect to sell. “Perfect enough” sometimes must be your motto for picking up the phone to create a conversation. The time will never be perfect to a make a call. Now for the practice part of making money. I always remind my teams that one of three things needs to happen when you hear the word no.

Remember this: You cannot lose anything you don’t have. No means practice. And in this case, practice makes money!

1. Try harder. In the words of sales trainer Jeffery Gitomer, “Kick your own ass.”

2. No for now. When do I give up? Depends on who dies first — me or the prospect.


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