Pirtek 10 Day Induction Programme


Work in a safe methodical way at all times, ensuring my safety and those around me

I will

Conduct a thorough Risk Assessment before commencing work

I will

Wear the correct PPE appropriate for the task and site rules

I will

I will not

Cut corners to save time

Depressurise and isolate equipment before attempting to remove any components

I will

I will never

Position myself under a suspended load that is not supported by appropriate props

I will drive

Safely and responsibly giving consideration for other road users

I will not

Operate any equipment that I am not trained or authorised to operate

I will not

Arrive for work under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Respect all site rules and procedures

I will

I will go home every day free from injury or ill health, as a result of the above




UK 0800 38 24 38 ROI 1800 74 78 35 www.pirtek.eu


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