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Tell your BFF your plan. Sometimes it is easier to stick to your plan if you have the support of a friend you trust. Someone who can pull you aside to “talk about something serious” when someone is pushing hard for you to drink. Carry around a cup filled with soda or water. Most people will assume you are drinking and not bother you. If someone hands you a drink, just say “No thanks, I have to be somewhere later.” This gives off the impression that maybe you’ve got bigger and better things happening elsewhere. Another thing to tell someone who tries to hand you a drink is, “No thanks, if I drink, my parents will know. They always know, and I don’t want to get grounded right now.” This works great if there are bigger things on the horizon like prom or a big concert. Or simply try, ”I can’t, I’m driving.” If you are comfortable, you can be bold and let them know that drinking is not for you. The party is way more fun when you aren’t worried about doing something stupid because you are drunk. Tell co-partiers that you are not a fan of the taste. Leave… people who cannot let you be alcohol free at a party are not worth hanging out with. More importantly, if the party is busted by law enforcement, you could be penalized for being there whether you’ve been drinking or not.

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Remember, you are not the only one at the party who is not drinking. Research shows 2 out of 3 teens DO NOT drink alcohol. Chances are they are just choosing not to draw attention to the fact that they are not drinking.


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