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56 Front Street, Philipsburg, St. Maarten T: 1 721 542 4399 | Toll free: 1 866 263 3186 | Stay connected @ BallerinaCaribbean

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EXQUISITE JEWELRY AND FINE TIME PIECES St . Maar ten (2 locations) | 56 Front Street, Philipsburg & 6 Harbour Point Village Tel: 1 (721) 542 4399 Toll Free: 1 866 263 3186 | infosxm@ballerina- www.ballerina-

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ITALIAN EVERYDAY LUXURY More than 90 years of love for jewelry making.

FOPE is an Italian goldsmithing company which has evolved over time into an international fine jewelry brand. The headquar ters and production facilities are located in Vicenza, Italy, where the company was established in 1929. Today all jewelry is still proudly made in-house thanks to a unique combination of craf tsmanship and bespoke technology. The FOPE creations share a distinctive character given by the 18ct gold weave that varies in gauge and design. This signature jewelry represents a quintessentially Italian idea of style which has gained fur ther global recognition with the introduction of Flex’it . The Flex’it mesh is craf ted solely in 18ct gold and is rendered fully flexible thanks to tiny gold springs hidden between each link and has revolutionised the way bracelets (and rings) can be worn with its original, and patented, roll - on mesh. To create a unique, contemporary look for casual or evening wear, discover FOPE’s latest collections with the unparalleled versatility of Essentials and the precious details of Vendôme.

Vendôme col lec t ion, Flex ’i t bracelet and ring solely made of 18 carat whi te gold wi th diamonds and blue sapphire.

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69B Front Street, Philipsburg, St. Maarten Phone: +1721 5426808 USA: +19174634319

Contact our team for a personalized luxury shopping experience We’ll even pick you up from anywhere on the island!

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT We specialize in fine timepieces and diamond jewelry!

Instagram @ jewelsbylove

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69B Front Street, Philipsburg, St. Marteen | TEL: +1 721 542 6808


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From our Family History to your Family Legacy:

Rare Natural Color changing Alexandrites

Reine de Naples Col lection

in every woman is a queen


We spent our ‘forced time off’ sorting through all of our collectible gemstones in our vault and WE are humbled to present you this exquisite collection #KFJbling

Cruise Terminal: 7A Harbor Pointe Village Pointe Blanche, St Maarten Downtown: 65A Frontstreet Philipsburg, St Maarten Tel: +1 721 542 1255 Email : Website :

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EXQUISITE JEWELRY AND FINE TIME PIECES St. Maarten (2 locations) 56 Front Street, Philipsburg & 6 Harbour Point Village Tel: 1 (721) 542 4399 | Stay connected @Ballerinacaribbean

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St. Maarten (2 locations) 56 Front Street & 6 Harbour point village

St. Thomas (2 locations) 5180 & 5176 Dronningens Gade

T: (340) 776 3701 F: (340) 776 1329

T: 1 (721) 542 4399 F: 1 (721) 542 6135 E:


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Tribute to Bill Auberlen & BMW RACING

EXQUISITE JEWELRY AND FINE TIME PIECES St. Maarten (2 locations) 56 Front Street, Philipsburg & 6 Harbour Point Village Tel: 1 (721) 542 4399 Toll Free: 1 (866) 263 3186

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 68 Front Street

 1 721 543 1075 +1 721 559 2655  

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68 Front Street, St. Maarten • Tel: +1-721-543-1075 105 Main Street, Ketchikan, Alaska 99901 • Tel: +1-907-225-7300 •

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Pick a spot in the sun and decide what you would like to do for the rest of your time on the island. Lazing in the sun for your whole vacation is also totally acceptable. In the following pages, you will find information about: • the island • the best places to eat • activities for the whole family • the best places for duty-free shopping • great places to stay on your next visit If this is your first visit, enjoy your stay with us, and if you are a regular visitor, welcome back!

This was a time when neighbor turned to help neighbor and nature could take a breather. But very soon it became evident that if the island was to survive, we would have to allow visitors back and fast. With strict controls and protocols in place, we were once again open for business and welcoming tired, world-weary travelers to our warm, sunny shores. To provide peace of mind for your stay, be sure to follow health advisories and sanitary practices to keep you and your family safe. If you have any concerns whatsoever, the friendly people from reception at your hotel or resort will be able to help you. So with that, everyone on St Maarten/ St Martin and the whole crew at Destination magazine would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to you.

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From start to finish... let us make it yours

Master Craftsmen of custom jewelry. Made in house, since 1983 Two locations on Front Street, #22 &#40 Philipsburg, Sint Maarten +1-646-472-7996 / +1-721-542-2176

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34 Ballerina Jewelers 36 Caribbean Gems 38 Kay’s Fine Jewelry 40 Jewels By Love 42 Oro Diamanté 44 Zhaveri Luxury 45 Shiva’s Gold & Gems 46 Alpha Jewelers 71 Jewels & Beyond

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COLLECT ION Fifty Fathoms

75 Front Street Philipsburg, Sint Maarten Netherlands Antilles Tel: +1 (721) 542 5946 - Tel: +1 (718) 551 3206 Email: - Website:

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What’s new in dining?




62 Casino Royale

49 What’s New In Dining? New places or new things happening.

Shows and gaming tables for a top evening out.

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ST. MAARTEN (2 LOCAT I ONS) 56 Front St reet , Phi l ipsburg & 6 Harbour Point V i l l age Tel : 1 (72 1 ) 542 - 4399 Tol l Free : 1 -866 -263-3 186 infosxm@ba l ler ina - j ewelers . com

An island radio station with all the best music.

48 What To Do…Besides The Beach There is a lot to experience for such a small island.


www. ba l ler ina - j ewelers . com

64 Find The Best Places to Stay Finding the right place for you.

60 Snorkeling In Style

Glide with the fish on a Sea Scooter.

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Anti-magnetic. 5-day power reserve. 10-year warranty. The new Aquis Date is powered by Oris Calibre 400. A new movement.

The new standard

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Island Information

Conditions are often favorable for some enthusiastic sailing

ISLAND essentials

Essential Statistics One of the smallest landmasses divided between two nations, the island consists of St Maarten, a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the French Overseas Collectivity of St Martin. Where am I? Located at 18°02’N, 63°07’W in the northeastern Lesser Antilles, the island is approximately 150 miles southeast of Puerto Rico. The potentially boisterous Atlantic is on the windward side and the characteristically tranquil Caribbean Sea is on the leeward side. Currency The official currency of Dutch St Maarten is the Netherlands Antilles Guilder, while the official currency of French St Martin is the Euro. However, both sides happily accept US Dollars. The Guilder is pinned to the US Dollar and the exchange rate is between 1.78 and 1.80. The Euro/




Philipsburg, alias ‘Town’



Electricity: 110 Volts

Electricity: 220 Volts


Princess Juliana International


L’Espérance - Grand Case

Topography The total size of the island is 37 square miles. Just over half of the island is French and tends to be greener and more forested than the drier St Maarten side. The Simpson Bay Lagoon is the largest in the Caribbean and has two lifting bridges, one on each side, to allow maritime traffic to pass. The causeway spanning the lagoon has a swing bridge at its center. At 1,392ft, Pic Paradis is the highest point of the island. There is very little fresh water on the island, but various guts and ravines may flood when it rains.

Dollar exchange rate fluctuates so check it before shopping or dining out on the French side. ATMs dispense Guilders and Dollars on the Dutch side and Euros on the French side. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, but check other cards before using them. Some of the smaller restaurants do not accept credit cards. Language Although Dutch and French are the official languages on the respective sides, English is widely spoken. However, being such a cosmopolitan island, many other languages can be heard as well, besides the local Creole and Papiamento.

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Island Information

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Island Information

Weather Trade winds cool the island to a

Telephone and Internet Calls between the French and Dutch sides are considered international calls and require the following dialing codes: 001 721 for the Dutch side and 011 590 for the French side. For local calls in St Maarten, only the number needs to be dialed, but on the French side, you must first dial 0 before the 9-digit number. Top-ups and phone cards are available at grocery stores and gas stations. Wi-Fi is widely available in many restaurants and bars, either free or at a low cost, and some will charge a fee for a plug-in. Banks Banks on the Dutch side are open from 8:30 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday. The Banque Postale on the French side opens at 7 am and closes at 1 pm on weekdays and from 7 am to midday on Saturday mornings. ATMs are open 24 hours. Money can be exchanged at a Change Point or a bank. Some hotels and casinos also offer a currency exchange service, but the rates may be less favorable.

Tipping A service charge, sometimes masquerading as a ‘tax,’ is often included on the bill in St Maarten.

pleasant 66–83 degrees Fahrenheit in winter, but summers can be sizzlers, with frequent tropical showers and little wind. Showers are often brief, but can come down in a torrent, so be prepared. On the whole, the island is warm and sunny all year round with the best times being from November to June. Hurricane Season Officially, the hurricane season runs from the beginning of June to the end of November, with the peak being August and September. However, this should not stop anyone from visiting at this time, because most hurricanes pass north or south of the island, or dissipate before getting close. If a hurricane does threaten the island, being prepared is essential. Stock up on plenty of bottled water and canned foods in case the power and water goes off and check that there are spare batteries for the radio and flashlights. There will be regular updates and security notices on all radio stations. Stay indoors and keep pets inside. Most resorts have back-up generators in case of power outages.

Servers appreciate tips of between 10 and 15%. On the French side quite often the service charge is not included, but more restaurants are following the trend of St Maarten by adding the service charge separately.

Social Media Go the Destination website www. and click on the button on the top left to find the magazine online. The Destination Facebook page is where visitors can check up on what’s new on their favorite island. There are quite a few other Facebook pages from both sides of the island where first-timers can get in touch with regular visitors to find out more about where to stay, eat, activities, or just to share their photos.

Getting Around Buses are inexpensive and run unscheduled routes around the

island. They are clearly marked with their destination and each bears an identifiable license plate. Just stick your hand out when you want them to stop for you. Taxis are available at all key entry points (airports, ferry docks, and cruise ship pier), and at designated points in Philipsburg and Marigot. Car rentals are a good way to get around on an island tour.

PHILIPSBURG PHARMACY | MAHO PHARMACY  4 Ch.Vogessteeg, Philipsburg  1 721 542 3001 1 721 585 3001   14 Maho Plaza, Rhine Road  1 721 545 3200 1 721 526 6602 


Socialized medicine, no import or export duties, and direct trade links with Europe provide for low-cost brand and generic medicines. An opportunity for US citizens visiting the island to save up to 80% on their prescription medication. FDA import regulations allow for a 90-day personal supply of medication to be taken home.

These are restricted to non-abusive maintenance medications, such as cholesterol-lowering drugs or medication for hypertension, allergies, asthma, and birth control. For faster processing, customers should bring proof of the prescription used. For more information contact either pharmacy or email us for a quotation.

Tourism Offices   St Martin Office de Tourisme Route de Sandy Ground Marigot

 (590) 590 87 57 21 

  St Maarten Tourist Bureau Juancho Yrausquin Blvd. # 6 Philipsburg  1 721 542 2337 

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Island Information

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Island Information

Philipsburg on Great Bay

Health Care The St Maarten Medical Center is located on Welgelegen Road #30, Cay Hill. Proof of insurance or adequate funds may be required before admission. Website:  1 721 543 1111 The Louis Constant Fleming Hospital on the French side is located in Concordia. Website:  011 (590) 590 52 25 25

Drop-in clinics and pharmacies are available on both sides of the island and a list of physicians and dentists can be found in the local telephone directory. COVID-19 Entry Requirements Because the COVID-19 entry requirements are changing all the time, please go to the government site to find updated information and the form to fill in well ahead of your intended departure. www.



8:30 Outbound Vessels

8:00 In and Outbound Vessels

9:30 Inbound Vessels

10:00 In and Outbound Vessels

10:30 Outbound Vessels

15:30 In and Outbound Vessels

11:30 Inbound Vessels 15:00 Inbound Vessels 16:00 Outbound Vessels 17:00 Inbound Vessels

There may be more openings during the Heineken Regatta and for other special occasions.

Tax St Maarten/St Martin is a duty-free island. A Departure Tax is charged at the Princess Juliana International Airport. Airlines The Friendly Island is served by more than twenty US, Canadian, European, South American, and Caribbean-based carriers, including: American Airlines:  1 800 433 7300 United Airlines:  1 800 864 8331

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Island Personalities

FEEL the ocean breeze SLEEP with your windows open WAKE UP to the sound of the waves STAY FIT in one of 2 community pools and gym RELAX in your private pool STAY CONNECTED at fiber-to-your-modem speeds ENJOY a true vacation at home

Sint Maarten's only oceanfront community to offer NEW turnkey vi l las and condos

Wide select ion of layouts

Doubl e Master Condos

2-bdrm • 1 , 500+ s f • $595 , 000+ Grand Condos ( s i ng l e floor ) 3-bdrm • 2 , 900+ s f • $1 . 25MM+ Pr i vate V i l l as 4 & 5-bdrm • 3 , 200+ s f • $1 . 45MM+

7 0% SOLD

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Island Personalities

Isn't it time to get your own place? Coming back to SXM again?

Located in Indigo Bay just below the Dutch side lookout

Sa l es o f fice and Mode l on s i t e

www.IndigoGreen.SX +1 ( 721 ) 543 - 7999 +1 ( 855 ) 545 - 7999 To l l f ree

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Ballerina Jewelers   #56 Front Street (Next to Court House), Philipsburg, and #6 Harbour Point Village   1 721 542 4399  U.S. Direct  1 213 291 8247 Toll Free 1 866 263 3186

 


Ballerina Jewelers: A Legacy unparalleled with their core values — Commitment, Confidence, Communication, and Care.

In just over three decades of Ballerina’s journey, they have earned collaboration with top watchmakers and jewelers including brands such as Roger Dubuis, Franck Muller, Longines, Mont Blanc, Bell & Ross, Oris, Frédérique Constant, Corum, Tacori, Simon G. Fope, Baraka, Leo Pizzo, Vahan and more. With its multiple stores, Ballerina is an influential buying group which translates into excellent values for the clients. Ballerina is humbled by being an important part of family

For over 34 years, Ballerina Jewelers and its sister stores have showcased a global selection of the finest variety of jewelry and watches unmatched in quality and value. Founded in 1986/ 1987 in St Thomas and St Maarten by brothers Peter, James, and Mike Mirpuri alongside their father Sam. Now joined by their sons Nitin and Giresh to continue this family-led business, becoming the third generation to carry it forward by succeeding with their core values: 1 Commitment: Commitment to our customers and employee satisfaction. 2 Confidence: The brothers have enjoyed 34 years of success, overcoming obstacles through mutual support and confidence. 3 Communication: Finding ways to communicate daily on all levels with customers and employees to safeguard the service and products sold. 4 Care: Meticulous care over the quest for excellence. Ballerina now boasts eight locations between St Maarten and St Thomas and the recent feather to their cap is the Key West (USA) location at 129 Duval Street. While each location has its own personality, the stores share a modern, yet classically elegant style, providing customers with a comfortable environment in which to shop. The flagship location at 56 Front Street in Philipsburg, St Maarten, features a streamlined, chic and modern interior juxtaposed with its traditional island exterior.

milestones - from engagements to weddings, and anniversaries to special moments and beyond. Growing together,

Ballerina feels proud to consider each and every one of their clients a true family friend. “Each customer of Ballerina Jewelers is treated to a level of service that is second to none, which makes it highly likely that they will visit one of our stores during future trips to the Caribbean,” Mirpuri adds. “This is often the case, as world travelers are regularly heading to the Caribbean for beachside respites, and Ballerina Jewelers is their destination in the destination!” 2 1. Tacori Dantela earrings and pendant. 2. Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli Black DLC Titanium 45mm. 3. Tacori couples rings for engagements, weddings, and more.


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Little symbols of BIG DREAMS

AVAILABLE AT THE JEWELRY BOUTIQUE (a division of Ballerina Jewelers) 62-A Front Street (next to Court House) Philipsurg, St. Maarten | 1 721 543 0319 |

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Caribbean Gems  #22 and #40 Front Street, Philipsburg  1 721 542 2176  Toll Free 1 800 848 7925

 1 721 542 5862  


Thirty-seven years in the making, this jewelry store is voted #1 for shopping on St Maarten. Family … Trust … Loyalty—a few words to describe the shopping experience at Caribbean Gems. What differentiates Caribbean Gems from the rest? The widest selection of certified loose diamonds, colored stones, gold, silver, and watches combined with excellent service and the most competitive prices. Caribbean Gems believes that a jewelry buying experience should be stress-free and enjoyable. Visit them for true top quality merchandise, resourceful staff, and rock-bottom pricing. Caribbean Gems is also unique in that they have an in-house workshop, lifetime diamond upgrades, and certified appraisals. With two locations on Front Street, they are easy to find. Visit Caribbean Gems for a truly uplifting experience.




1. Morganite and diamond ring in 14kt rose gold 2. Rado automatic watch 3. Canary yellow diamond rings 4. Multi-row diamond cuff bracelet

EXQUISITE JEWELRY AND FINE TIME PIECES St. Maarten (2 locations) 56 Front Street, Philipsburg & 6 Harbour Point Village Tel: 1 (721) 542 4399 Toll Free: 1 866 263 3186

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Kay’s Fine Jewelry  65-A Front Street, Philipsburg

 

Designed and handcrafted in the USA with materials from around the world

Experience 30+ Years of Luxury with a Family Touch

KFJ Ocean Collection 2022

We asked co-founder Raj Chugani what his family’s formula was for business success. “We don’t look at it as a business, but as an extension of our family. We understand that our guests come in seeking more than a piece of jewelry. They come to celebrate moments, commemorate milestones, remember loved ones, and build their own family legacies to pass down. Our entire team and family continue to amaze me by going above and beyond to ensure our client has a memorable shopping experience.” Visit Kay’s Fine Jewelry at their first location ever in downtown Philipsburg. Be prepared to gain an understanding of what it means to be part of a jewelry story and legacy where value and quality has been a proud tradition for generations. Bring the magazine in and show this article at KFJ St Maarten to get a FREE St Maarten souvenir!

Kay’s Fine Jewelry (KFJ) is proudly celebrating its 30th anniversary since first opening their doors in the Caribbean. Originally founded in St Maarten, the family jeweler now has locations throughout the Caribbean including Aruba, St Thomas, Bahamas, St Kitts, and a brand-new addition of Grand Cayman in early 2022. The family foundation was built on the dreams of Dan and Raj Chugani, who from day one were destined to create a unique and memorable experience. The brothers were relentless in their pursuit, putting in endless hours perfecting their expertise of fine jewelry, its design, and its manufacturing. They also began shaping the uniquely personal and family-oriented service philosophy that has put them as the leading retailer in customer loyalty, service, and the jewelry journey. Loyal clients of KFJ kept requesting locations in more destinations so they could easily return to their favorite family jeweler in the Caribbean.

KFJ Ocean Collection 2022

Exquisite Jewelry & Fine Time Pieces

St. Maarten (2 locations) 56 Front Street, Philipsburg & 6 Harbour Point Village Tel: 1 (721) 542 4399

Vahan ®, Alwand Vahan ®, Moiré Pattern ® are Regd. Trademarks | Designs © Alwand Vahan Jewelry Ltd.

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PHILIPSBURG:  #69B Front Street - Philipsburg  1 721 542 6808  USA 1 917 463 4319   @ jewelsbylove Jewels by Love

With roots dating back to the 1800’s, the present owners of Jewels By Love stores are the 6th generations in the line of jewelers and diamond mavens. As a testament of the reputation and success which grew tremendously in the 1980s, the Mahtani family was granted Official Agent Status by the World’s Finest Watchmakers such as Patek Philippe – Cartier – Breguet – A. Lange & Söhne – Nomos. These legendary names, collectively representing history of more than 850 years, have been entrusted to Jewels By Love – a privilege only a handful of jewelers in the world have earned!


Authorized Retailer ST. MARTIN - ST. MAARTEN

69B Front Street - Philipsburg - St. Maarten +1 917 463 3419 - Instagram @ jewelsbylove

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62-B Front St. St.Maarten,Dutch Caribbean 1-800-764-0884

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Oro Diamanté FINE JEWELERS OF DISTINCTION   Front Street 62-B, Philipsburg  1-721-543-0342


Toll Free 1-800-764-0884  



offering exclusively at Oro Diamanté is an extensive selection of genuine shipwreck coins from the Atocha . Looking for an unusual or hard- to-find gem? Look no further; Oro Diamanté boasts one of the largest selections of rare gemstones

Fine attention to detail, first- rate service, and exceptional

value are qualities that have set Oro Diamanté apart for over 30 years. Besides having perhaps the largest inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds on St Maarten, as well as one of the largest selections of GIA certified natural fancy colored diamonds, such as canary yellow and natural pink, Oro Diamanté carries the unique and colorful creations of world renowned designer Hidalgo , the fantastic collection of stackable rings of Gabriel & Co and this year they were selected to be the only jeweler to carry the award- winning collection of German designer Jörg Heinz ; this collection features the most unique diamond pendants that can be transformed to wear several distinct ways–aptly named the Mystery collection. They have the largest selection of certified pre-owned Swiss name brand watches. Another unique

such as Paraiba tourmaline, alexandrite, Padparadscha


sapphire and zultanite to name a few. Oro Diamanté also carries the versatile and well-priced jewelry collections of Thomas Sabo , Phillip Gavriel , and Belle Étoile . Want to trade in jewelry you no longer wear? Oro Diamanté accepts any fine jewelry and watches as trade- in towards new purchases. With their friendly and informative staff, honesty and integrity are the qualities that define the way owners Jenny and Raju have run their business and why they have been regarded as the most trusted family-owned jeweler for almost 30 years. All purchases are backed by certified appraisals and a one year unconditional warranty.





1. Abalone and diamond necklace by Gabriel 2. Exclusive Magic Mystery diamond pendant by Jörg Heinz 3. GIA Certified natural Burmese ruby and diamond ring by Oro Diamanté 4. Gold diamond ring by Gabriel 5. Genuine Shipwreck Coin jewelry from the Atocha 6. GIA Certified natural Colombian emerald set with baguette diamonds by Oro Diamanté 7. Elegant diamond drop-style earrings set in 14kt yellow gold by Oro Diamanté 8. Stunning diamond drop necklace by Oro Diamanté


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Since 1986, Zhaveri has been renowned as THE complete jeweler of St Maarten, trusted by generations of loyal clients. And now 36 years later, Zhaveri Exclusive Luxury aims at bringing a fresh approach to Caribbean retail, with a focus on customer experience within a unique and innovative store design. Zhaveri is now housed in a much larger, state of the art establishment in the heart of Front Street, the shopping Mecca of the Caribbean! This has allowed them the space to transform from being the most formidable jeweler in St Maarten to a complete House of Luxury. Zhaveri Exclusive Luxury mixes accessories from emerging brands and established names, and features limited editions and rare pieces, as well as affordable items. Their product selection not just includes their hallmark latest and greatest designs of fine jewelry, loose diamonds and brand name watches. Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself, or treat someone special to an exceptional gift, Zhaveri has always been highly recommended as a must visit destination for residents and visitors of St Maarten, Anguilla and St Barths. Zhaveri Jewelers aka Zhaveri Exclusive Luxury


Zhaveri has always had, and will continue to offer, their immense selection of exquisite GIA certified diamonds in every shape and size, with colors ranging from white, pink, yellow, to blue, black, champagne, and much more! Whether you want to purchase a loose diamond, an exotic gem, or have any precious stone mounted in a custom made piece of jewelry, Zhaveri will accommodate every request. Purchases include certified appraisals and be sure to inquire about their lifetime upgrade policy on diamond jewelry! High quality merchandise, excellent duty and tax free prices, responsive after-sales customer service, and an ethical, friendly and extremely knowledgeable team that loves providing an innovative shopping


experience, will demonstrate why Zhaveri has been St Maarten’s premier luxury retailer for over 35 years! Whether its diamonds, exotic gems, handbags or other accessories that ignite you, Zhaveri Exclusive Luxury will have treasures to excite you!




1 Aquamarine earrings 2 Diamond ring 3 Pavé diamond earrings 4 White diamond ring 5 Pink diamond ring 6 Yellow gold diamond ring 7 Butterfly diamond earrings



 68 Front Street  1 721 543 1075  1 721 559 2655 +1 721 559 2655

 

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The vast inventory, low markups and an enthusiastic workforce who excel and impress have earned them their position as St Maarten’s premier diamond dealer. Shiva’s Jewelers is one of the oldest and most respected jewelers in St Maarten. The Alwani family has been in the jewelry business for three generations and in the Caribbean since 1972. Their St Maarten store hosts a vast collection of diamonds, precious stones, fine Swiss timepieces and award winning designer jewelry. Their exotic handmade creations of jewelry will lead you into a magical world where precious gems and fine stones blend into infinity. A world where beauty and imagination reign supreme. Shiva’s Gold and Gems is St Maarten’s only jewelry boutique that has qualified for membership to the “Leading Jewelers of the World.” This is an elite group of no more than 100 very prestigious and exclusive jewelry retail stores worldwide, committed to providing an extraordinary experience, outstanding service and most importantly, an atmosphere beyond anything imaginable. Shiva’s Gold and Gems is a pioneer in the jewelry and watch trade. They proudly showcase the world’s finest and most prestigious Swiss watchmakers. A connoisseur’s delight; indulge in brands such as Franck Muller, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Glashütte, Richard Mille, Gérald Genta, Daniel Roth, Carl F. Bucherer, DeWitt, ORIS and Michele. Customers will be able to rest easy about their purchase knowing that the Alwani family have committed over three generations of impeccable quality, accuracy, craftsmanship, quality control and service to every little detail and every piece of jewelry offered in their stores.


Shiva’s Gold and Gems  #75 Front Street, Philipsburg   1 721 542 5946 1 721 542 9697   ShivasGoldGems

A branch of a family of fine jewelry stores in operation throughout the Caribbean, this third generation jeweler has dedicated itself to becoming the largest diamond retailer in the islands. Their extensive network allows them to buy in large volume directly from the sources in Israel and Amsterdam, thus eliminating middleman commissions and passing on the extra savings to their customers. The store offers a wide range of certified diamonds from .01 pointer to 10 carats in any shape and size. The professional staff at Shiva’s takes time to educate the customer and offer expertise on the 4Cs of diamonds, guiding them through their purchases.

1. Natural color

Diamonds Exotic, Ooh la la designs!

2. Black Diamond

beads and handmade 18K Yellow Gold pendant and Earrings.


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Every piece of jewelry worn is an expression of personality. Located in the heart of Front Street, Alpha Jewels takes pride in knowing their customers personally and matching each to the perfect piece of jewelry. Attention to detail, quality, and jewelry design is incomparable. Value and top-notch customer service during, and especially after, the sale are priceless. Alpha Jewels  68A Front Street   1 721 542 2778 /toll free: 1-347-468-7302  


Husband and wife duo, Sanjay and Dolly, have been in the jewelry trade for over 25 years. They believe that there is no greater success than seeing people happy. Allow the Alpha

team to assist you in creating a story with every piece.

Bulova Curv the world’s first curved chronograph


1. Emerald necklace 2. Men’s two-tone diamond ring 3. Tanzanite ring 4. Rose gold Morganite ring



Good Cards ...and other cool stuff   Palapa Marina, Airport Road, Simpson Bay   1 721 545 4488  @goodcardsstmaarten For over 20 years, Good Cards and other cool stuff has been the most unique gift and souvenir shop on St Maarten. Located in the heart of Simpson Bay, near the bridge, at Palapa Marina. Go in and browse the collections with a beautiful background view of mega yachts. The store features an amazing selection of gifts for men, women, and children. Choices range from local artwork to fashion jewelry, ornaments, journals and books, wall art, candles, spa products and accessories. They also have leather and beach bags, cover-ups, gift supplies, fun games and toys, and, of course, greeting cards for all occasions.

Good Cards and other cool stuff

Make this a one-stop shop for Good Cards … and other cool stuff!

Complimentary gift wrapping is all part of the service for a great shopping experience.

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What to do… besides the beach y Kerry Bi dle


Topper’s Distillery Tour Choose one of their fascinating tours of the rum distillery and take a marvelous taste trip when you get to the tasting part of the tour. For the full tour, you will be treated to rum-infused gelato and delightful food prepared with a dash or two of their rum. To book a tour, got to the website Page 53 . Dutch Blonde/ Caribbean Brewing Company The Dutch Blonde Beach Bar is the place to be to find adventure games in one of their Escape Rooms. If you prefer a tour of the brewing facilities where they brew their signature award-winning Dutch Blonde Ale, then you can find the booking details on page 50 . Spa Day Treat yourself to a well-deserved spa day. Experience Wellness will come to you wherever you are. See what they have to offer. Page 63 . That Yoda Guy Movie Exhibits Heads up all you Star War fans. That Yoda Guy at #19 Front Street at the Head of Town in Philipsburg is where you can procure movie memorabilia and artwork. There is a fascinating movie exhibit area too. Say hi to Yoda and then see if his creator, Nick Maley, is available for a chat. See more at Horse Riding There are several horse riding opportunities on both sides of the island. The most exciting part is riding your horse into the sea at the end to cool off. Lucky Stables in Cay Bay very kindly lent us a horse for the photo shoot.

Discover Scuba Diving Book a Discover Scuba session with The Scuba Shop to give diving a try. The only criteria for a Discover Scuba course is that you are healthy and over 10 years old. Even if you aren’t a great swimmer, you can still do the course and get to see what’s under the sea in a safe, shallow environment. To book, their contact details are on page 61 . Rhino Safari Excursions Take your own small craft out on a guided snorkeling tour. The tour starts with a meander through the Simpson Bay Lagoon and out through the French Side bridge to some top snorkeling spots. All ages over 5 years old are welcome. Caters to non- swimmers too. Page 92 . Casino Royale Flirt with Lady Luck on some of the top games on the island in a vibrant resort atmosphere. Open to anyone over 18 years old from 1pm until late. Page 29 . Casino Royale Shows You can attend free shows every Saturday at 9 pm. They have guest performers from the US and Vegas circuits, resident singers, and other entertaining acts. Page 62 . Sonesta Resort Day Pass – Spend a day at the resort enjoying their wonderful pool, restaurants, and other amenities. Get your Day Pass online at daypass-mahobeachresort/, or go to the reception and get one there. Page 66 .

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Wine & Dine

What’s new in Dining BY KERRY BIDDLE

elcome to the new kids on the block, Simpson Bay Resort, Da Waterhole, and Jai’s Contemporary Fusion Cuisine. They may not be new establishments, but they are new to Destination Magazine. There are a few places to find something good to eat at the Simpson Bay Resort ranging from snacks to steaks. La Patrona is a family restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a strong Mexican influence. Replay is where you want to be when there is a big game on. You can order snacks, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, burgers and a selection of sushi rolls to go with your beer (or whatever else you may be drinking). Juliette’s Bistro is the place for fresh food without being fancy. They describe themselves as chic casual. Try their 3 cheese fondue or tender steaks

The concept of The Hideaway bar and restaurant was first established in 1987. A cozy little restaurant/bar perched beside an overflowing pool that runs over onto a spectacular view. The name says it all as this secretive and tranquil nook offers a perfect setting for cheerful breakfasts, long lazy lunches and romantic candlelit dinners. The international cuisine is exquisitely presented and reasonably priced with generous portions. Unwind to the sound of carefully selected, easy-listening music and chat with their friendly staff who are eager to share their insights with you. At The Hideaway, you’ll experience the kind of island hospitality that will make you never want to go home again. Breakfast and lunch served daily from 8 am to 2 pm. Dinner, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6:30 pm to 10 pm. beer of the same name. The beach bar hosts karaoke sessions on a Friday night, so why not go out and have a bit of fun and enjoy their Dutch Blonde beer while you’re about it? Our longstanding partners have a few new happenings too. IZI Ristorante Italiano only opens for dinner now…until further notice. They still serve the freshest handmade pasta and sauces around. Topper’s has moved to where The Carousel used to be. They still serve the authentic Italian gelato and have also brought all the Topper’s favorites on the menu with them. La Villa’s hours have changed. They open at 5pm and are closed on Wednesdays. The delectable menu and fine French cuisine is still top notch.

followed by a slice of wildly decadent black forest cake. And finally, belly up for a tasty lunch at the Coco Beach Bar if hunger knocks and you are covered in salt water and sand. Da Waterhole on Mullet Beach has regular live music sessions and offers a delectable selection of local cuisine. You can’t go wrong with their ribs, done the traditional way on smouldering charcoal. Take a tip from us and arrive hungry. Jai’s Contemporary Fusion Cuisine offers a fusion of Caribbean and Indian flavors that will make the tastebuds sit up and take notice. Their baked salmon with eggplant purée and a tamarind-balsamic glaze is one to look out for, as are their spicy Indian dishes. Dutch Blonde is both a place on the Boardwalk in Philipsburg and a craft

The Hideaway

 La Vista Resort, #53 Billy Folly Road, Pelican Key, Simpson Bay   1 721 544 3005/544 2642

  +1-721-544-3005

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Wine & Dine

Dutch Blonde Beach Bar

 79 Boardwalk, Philipsburg, St Maarten  +1 721 543 3314  @craftbeerfromhere 

Burgers and beer are a match made in heaven. The cheeseburgers are wildly popular and when washed down with their signature craft beer – even better. Their award-winning Dutch Blonde Ale is brewed right here on St Maarten and has no corn syrup added, making it a perfect natural beer. So good in fact, that it won silver at the London Beer Competition. The jury’s verdict on the award-winning Dutch Blonde Ale was, “Fruity and spicy with honey, orange and clove flavors. Overall very complex and refreshing.” Experience a real-life adventure game in one of the four Escape Rooms, or take the special tasting tour where five French wines are paired with five Dutch treats…or do both. Friday nights on the Boardwalk are traditionally a family evening out and Dutch Blonde Beach Bar steps right up with karaoke nights. Let your inner rock star out to play and belt out some old favorites. Look out for the large windmill on the Boardwalk, that’s them. And don’t forget to ask about their brewery tours.

Caribbean Brewing Company

 #3 Goldfinch Rd., Point Blanche, St Maarten  +1 721 543 3314  

Proudly brewed and bottled on the beautiful island of St Maarten. St Maarten’s beer scene has always been dominated by international companies. That’s until Caribbean Brewing Company opened in the early part of 2019, providing St Maarten with the highest quality of local beers. They pride themselves on consistency, drinkability, and variety. All of their beers are made fresh with the finest malts, hops, and natural ingredients. Beers are organic, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and never with any corn syrup or preservatives. They brew five kinds of beer from the lightest option, SXM Light, to the flagship, Dutch Blonde Ale. They also

brew the rich, clean-tasting San Martin Premium Beer, Pirate’s Edition IPA, and the cleverly named Dark Stout 1863, which represents the latitude and longitude of the island. Look for the beers from the Caribbean Brewing Company at supermarkets, pubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels throughout the island on both the Dutch and French sides. Take the unique brewery tour and follow the entire beer making process from milling the ingredients, brewing, to bottling the beers with the latest state-of-the-art technology. To top it off, enjoy tasting all of their island beers during an all-you-can-drink session in the Tap Room.

Enjoy an ice cold beer anywhere, anytime

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Wine & Dine

IZI Ristorante Italiano   Paradise Mall, Simpson Bay (Adjacent to Paradise Casino and Megaplex 7 Cinemas)   1 721 544 3079  

For many years voted “best Italian restaurant in St Maarten”, IZI (pronounced easy) has also been awarded a certificate of excellence for the past ten years by TripAdvisor, the world-renowned travel website. This restaurant has established itself as one of the island’s most exciting, quality restaurants. IZI Ristorante Italiano assures guests of a warm Italian welcome during a visit to this little corner of Italy in the Caribbean. They offer high quality authentic Italian

dishes prepared with a passion to delight and convince diners to return soon. IZI is the home of homemade pasta; the ravioli and gnocchi are to die for. The menu also includes many outstanding classic and new creative Italian fish, seafood, lobster and meat dishes from the repertoire of the convivial proprietor Davide Foini. He is also, thankfully, a devotee of the wine cellar and is well qualified to assist with the perfect accompaniment to a deletable meal, choosing from his selection of quality Italian and other wines. The décor is modern, the ambiance is relaxed with lounge music and tempting cocktails. It’s a perfect choice for a “take it IZI” dinner. For birthdays and other special occasions, they have a great sound and light system that will help make any celebration go with a swing. Just ask them about it when making a reservation. They also offer an Early Bird Dinner Special of a complimentary glass of Prosecco and a Tiramisu dessert after the entrée for customers seated between 5 pm and 6 pm. IZI is located in the heart of Simpson Bay, but has ample parking. It is air- conditioned and has a charming, large, covered terrace.

IZI Ristorante Italiano has been awarded Certificates of Excellence for the years 2012 to 2021. Rated the #1 Italian restaurant in St. Maarten and the #1 of 73 restaurants in Simpson Bay.

y e

a r s t h e b e s t I t a l

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Open nightly for dinner from 5 p.m. until...! Closed on Mondays.

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