Roz Marketing Strategies September/ October 2018


Have you ever pursued something in your life and found that you came away with an experience you never imagined? Think about it for a moment. Coming away from an experience different than you imagined might be more common than you realize. For example, say you decide to take a class with the intention of learning something in particular. Maybe you want to learn how to bake cupcakes, and you imagine you will learn how to make delicious cupcakes that your friends and family will enjoy and that will be it. But say you end up owning a bakery that people line up at to buy your baked goods. Sound far-fetched? A scenario similar to this happened to me 27 years ago. I enrolled in a UCLA Extension class thinking it was about public relations only to find out that I had signed up for a journalism class. I hated that class. I decided to finish the semester, but I told Michael, “I will never take a journalism class again.” Have you ever heard the saying, “Never say never”? One of the assignments in the class was to submit an article to a newspaper or a magazine. I wrote an article on how I remodeled my house in seven days and submitted it to the Real Estate section of the Los Angeles Times. They bought it, printed it, and everywhere I went, people who knew me said they read the article and loved it. It was great to receive a check, but more importantly, I loved the feeling I had from being acknowledged for my story in the city’s newspaper. I ended up going through the entire UCLA Extension journalism program and landed a job at a Los Angeles magazine as an intern moving up the ladder toward becoming an assistant editor. Now that’s what I call the magic that happens when you start something! I’ve had many more magical experiences since that time years ago, but this particular one is a great example of what I mean. Sometimes we drown ourselves in so much thought that all our attention goes to keeping our head above water and treading in place when instead we should

Be open to the possibilities of what you cannot imagine.

be swimming the length of the pool. Of course, not everything you start is going to be magic — or even if it is magic, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. More often than not, when I pursue something, it’s harder than I imagined. What I’ve found is I have to trudge forward, do the work, and then the magic happens. So, here’s what I want you to do the next time you decide to pursue something, whatever it is: Be conscious of your experience, and more importantly, be open to the magic. Whether your journey is easy or difficult, be sure to be open to the possibilities of what you cannot imagine. Going into an experience with the mindset of “I don’t know how this will all turn out, but I’m open to something wonderful” will bring the opportunity of a lot more magic to your life than you could have ever imagined.

–Roslyn Rozbruch

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