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TRANSACTIONS WRIGHT SERVICE CORP. COMPLETES ACQUISITION OF TRANSCON ENVIRON- MENTAL, INC. Wright Service Corp. an - nounced a new acquisition agreement related to its proposed business combina- tion with Transcon Environmental, Inc. “We are delighted to welcome Transcon Environmental associates to our family of companies,” said Chairman and CEO Scott Packard. “The management core at Trans- con is very strong and passionate about what they do.” Wright Service Corp.’s business operat- ing systems and expertise is in consulting utility vegetation management includ- ing inspection, auditing, risk mitigation, forest management and reforestation, technology solutions, consulting and operations, commercial environmental products, plus residential and commercial landscaping and tree care. “The acquisition of Transcon is a key in-

vestment that aligns with Wright Ser- vice Corp.’s vision of accelerating growth through acquisition,” stated Packard. “Combined with Transcon’s specialized expertise in environmental planning and consulting will enable us to deliver even greater value to utility companies, corpo- rations, and agencies to develop or rede- velop infrastructure for energy, communi- cations, and mining.” Transcon founder Mike Warner stated, “Wight Service Corp. is the right company to entrust our customers and our legacy with moving forward.” Packard stated, “Mike Warner and his team have built a business with a loyal base of customers that provide a solid foundation on which to grow. We are con- fident that this acquisition will be benefi- cial to all. Transcon has a special connec- tion with the markets in Arizona, California, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming.”

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more and more every year, you need to keep an eye on the growth rate of your firm. If you aren’t growing at least as fast as the core inflation rate, you’ll likely start seeing more decreases than increases in your month-to-month working capital. ■ ■ Fixed cash payments over time as part of M&A deals . While getting to the end of an M&A deal is exciting and the rewards are often bountiful, don’t let yourself forget about money you could be potentially losing through a fixed cash payment scheduled for a few years down the line. If this earn-out is not adjusted for inflation then you’re quite simply not getting the full value you agreed on. It could very realistically mean the difference between the base model C8 Corvette or that shiny new Z06 Corvette. It’s your choice! ■ ■ Lump sum/guaranteed max price contracts. After the crazy fluctuations in building material prices this past year I’m sure this one is near and dear to many hearts. With inflation expected to continue climbing, along with continued supply chain shortages, make sure you are protecting yourself in your contracts with verbiage that is inclusive to nonstandard inflation and materials rates. While a court will likely side with you most of the time if it gets to that point, who has time to go to court? Something worth noting however, is that while those in lump sum contracts may feel pressure during this time, those on percentage of construction cost contracts will automatically earn more. This may be worth looking into for future projects and discussing with your development partners. These are just a few of the ways that inflation could be eating away at your firm’s growth in the background. Luckily though, we’re faced with this problem in a historic bull market for our industry as a whole. Use this time of record backlog and infrastructure bill work to get your firm inflation proofed. Those who are proactive on this issue will likely come out the other side (when inflation slows down) able to charge higher rates, with less employee turnover, and with better margins. The tides are high in the AEC industry right now but they likely won’t be forever. Don’t let your firm get left high and dry once tides return to more normal levels! Will Anderson is a mergers and acquisitions analyst at Zweig Group. Contact him at

PO Box 1528 Fayetteville, AR 72702

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