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will get shown off and well-used, and will also probably get you the appointment you’re looking for.

interesting or useful to your recipient is easier than ever, thanks to social media. By spending a little time cyber-sleuthing, you can quickly figure out the perfect way to personalize your gift. Once you’ve picked out the perfect gift, it’s time to get the package in the mail. When you mail the gift, always include a direct mail letter with your request for an appointment, and then follow up shortly after via phone. On the phone, feel free to mention you’re the person who sent that amazing item. Depending on the C-suite you’re trying to contact, it is possible more than one gift will be required. But for most people, a single gift and some follow-up will work wonders. I’ve found this strategy to work really well when I have a targeted list of high-value prospects, strategic partners, or referral sources I’m interested in chatting with. I easily get past the gatekeeper with a thoughtful gift, and if I nail the gift, I almost always get the appointment.

Have you ever tried to use direct mail to get the attention of a busy professional or C-suite executive? If so, there’s a chance you might think direct mail is a waste of money. In all fairness, it can be really hard to get past the gatekeepers with direct mail. There always seems to be someone there, looking to intercept your message — unless you make the effort to think a bit outside the box. When targeting high- level professionals, why not try a gift? Gifting is my personal favorite method to open a conversation in a thoughtful, effective way. Gifting is a strategy you can use to win the attention of just the right person, but that doesn’t mean you should send any old thing. Typically when you send a gift, you want to select a high-value, best-in- class item. Your gift doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, just the best in its class. For example, if you’re going to send an embroidered accessories bag to someone who likes golf, don’t send the cheap canvas one. Instead, go for the nice leather bag. Maybe the leather bag costs a few more bucks than a canvas one, but the higher-end product

Here are a few great gifting ideas to get you thinking:

1. Monogrammed leather folios

2. Custom cutting boards

3. Engraved professional kitchen knives

4. Alma mater gear (unique or personalized)

5. Custom wood wall plaques (for life events like weddings, anniversaries, new babies, etc.)

6. Personalized or monogrammed blankets, robes, etc.

When sending a gift, keep in mind that the gift is all about the recipient, and not about you. Don’t logo-up the gift with your brand. Instead, customize the gift for the receiver. Finding something genuinely

– Shaun


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