Y8 Bulletin 02.02.24


Hampton School joined forces with Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) to host the annual Independent State Schools Partnership (ISSP) Music Day, when over 130 musicians from seven local schools came together to enjoy a wonderful day of music making. A group of Music Students from Waldegrave joined students from Hampton High, Hollyfield School, Orleans Park School, Tolworth Girls’ School, Hampton School and Lady Eleanor Holles for a day of orchestral and choral workshops. In addition to the large choir and orchestra, the young musicians also enjoyed rehearsing in a range of ensembles including String, Woodwind and Brass.

After hours of rehearsals, the day culminated in an evening concert for family and friends.

HEALTH AND WELLBEING Next week it is Safer Internet Day, which is held annually in February. Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness of a safer and better internet for all, and especially for children and young people. This year’s theme is “Together for a better internet”. One of the key developments over the past decade has been in the sophistication and use of Artificial Intelligence. From online shopping to streaming platforms, or using the apps on our phones – AI is already changing how we live, learn, and work. Since it came on the scene late last year the newest version of ChatGPT has made a significant impact, with people excited about the possibilities that it may provide, but also sparking a lot of ethical concerns too.

To find out what teens need to know about ChatGP, take a listen to the podcasts below from The Webwise Youth Panel:

What do teens need to know about ChatGPT Part 1 What do teens need to know about ChatGPT Part 2

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