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Drawing Inspiration From Our Pet’s Behavior

at risk if they aren’t on a monthly preventive treatment. Another advantage of the heartworm prevention we carry is that it also kills internal parasites, like tapeworms, roundworms, and whipworms. If your animals are outside, you never know just what they will be chewing on or eating! Most of these intestinal worms come from wild animal droppings or from eating or chewing on dead animals. This does not sound very appetizing to us, but as you know all too well, your pet feels differently! While you can find over-the-counter flea and tick products, be wary, as some of them can kill cats! At our clinic, we carry only the best and safest topical treatments, and this month, we are offering 20% off all preventive parasite products. Give us a call or stop by if you have any questions. We want to let you know that through this time, we are here for you and will continue to be available for you and your pets. Please reach out if you have any questions, and be healthy and well! P.S. To aid you in keeping your pets healthy, we are offering 20% off all parasite products during the month of April! Give us a call or stop by to pick up your preventive parasite treatment. Dr. Susie and Dr. Jeff

canine, feline, and bovine friends. Be as c ol as a cat lounging beneath a sunny window and as chill as your pup when they’ve found the perfect spot to curl up next to you. When it comes to caring for your furry family members, the warmer weather this time of year tends to bring more fleas, ticks, and other parasites into the world. Take preventive measures to make sure they are protected and that unwanted guests don’t hitch a ride. Ticks and fleas can transmit dangerous diseases, and as is often the case, the best treatment is prevention. If you notice a tick on your pet, you should be able to easily pull it out with a pair of tweezers. We typically don’t have to worry about Lyme disease in our area, which is fortunate, so you can simply remove the tick. We have had a couple cases where what an owner thought was a tick was actually a small growth on the dog — as you can imagine, the dog was not very happy about someone trying to pull it off! If you’re ever not sure about something, you can always bring your pet in, and we’ll take a look. Heartworm is becoming more of an issue in our area, as well, and your dogs and even cats are

Hi there, how are you doing? It’s been a bit of a wild month, hasn’t it? While everything going on in the world can make us humans act a bit strange, our furry friends continue to go about the important daily activities of their lives: napping, eating, walking, searching for squirrels, searching for things to eat that they shouldn’t, batting at string or bugs, and letting their humans know they need to play. Our pets are a great source of calm and dependability, so when you’re tempted to let the state of things overwhelm you or when you’re feeling a little anxious, take inspiration from your



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