It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery



Executive Summary The purpose of my ELP was for my project partner, Options Community Services Society (OCS), and myself to engage in an action-oriented initiative with adults who identify as youth allies for the purpose of informing a systemic change in how young people, ages 12–24, access youth services. Evidence in this study has demonstrated a need to encourage an overhaul in services delivery in order to better support young people of Surrey, BC. The goal of this project was to inform the design of a Youth Integrated Services Hub (YISH) through the lens of youth allies, which will eventually support a Foundry site(s) in Surrey. My engaged inquiry question was: How might OCS support youth allies in informing the vision of a youth integrated services hub for Surrey, BC? The subquestions were guided by Beckhard and Harris’s (2009) states of change that explored the current state, ideal state, and possible steps to creating change in the area of improving experiences for young people. My sub questions were: 1. What are the current conditions for youth accessing health services in Surrey? 2. How might a Surrey YISH improve young people’s accessibility to services? 3. What role might allies take to support a Surrey YISH? Research literature revealed that Surrey houses the largest youth population in the province, yet youth’s ability to access services when required proves to be a challenge for youth. Literature examined in my research supports a YISH as the preferred framework to supporting youth to experiencing healthy outcomes. Two methods were used in my research to gather information on designing a YISH for Surrey. The methods were a survey and focus group, which led to the research findings, conclusions, and recommendations. The findings, conclusions, and recommendation extracted from this research are listed in this table.

Findings 1. A warm, welcoming, safe, and

Conclusions 1. There is a need for a radical overhaul to the youth service delivery in Surrey, BC. 2. There is a need to support youth to access health services when they need it. 3. Inclusion of outdoor space is integral when planning spaces for Surrey youth. 4. People with lived experience have evidence-based knowledge that can inform the redesign of youth services for Surrey.

Recommendations 1. OCS to advocate for implementing quiet spaces in the design of a Surrey YISH to support mental and spiritual well-being. 2. OCS to continue supporting the Surrey White Rock Youth Integrated Services Collaborative and other steering tables that promote collaboration amongst service providers by encouraging the establishment of memorandums of understandings that eradicate agency competition. 3. OCS to inform community partners of the SWRYISC on the concept of a grandparent-in-resident program as an effective and efficient attribute to supporting youth. 4. OCS to share with SWRYISC the benefits of incorporating outdoor programs in the delivery of services.

nurturing, home-like environment that is inclusive to all youth, young adults, and their families of Surrey; 2. An integrated service site where providers genuinely collaborate and not compete; 3. A site where young people and their families can receive relevant, timely, and accessible services when they need it; 4. A need for trained staff that have experience working with youth; 5. A holistic environment where basic needs are met that incorporate social gatherings and recreational activities; and 6. A site that includes outside programing space.

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