It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 27 populations. Her role provided added research triangulation and also verified findings. Other ways that encouraged engagement were through the intentional activity of welcoming group members, acknowledging Indigenous lands, and assisting the group in establishing group guidelines to create a safe and respectful session. Included in the initial focus group session was the reviewing of expectations, such as confidentiality, consent, and information storage (Appendix I). Copies of the Information Letter (Appendix C) were distributed so participants who were able to use it for future reference. Prior to commencing the focus group, participants’ signed informed consents were collected (Appendix H). The initial steps took 15 minutes to complete and also honoured the required ethical standards expected for this ELP. The next 10 minutes in the session consisted of the facilitator instructing participants to pair-up, introduce themselves, and respond to the first two questions provided in the Focus Group Guide (Appendix I). The listening partner took notes on the provided paper. After five minutes, the partners exchanged roles. After both completed their five minutes of sharing, all participants joined the larger group, and each participant had 30 seconds to introduce their partner and share their responses to the questions. Core values expressed amongst group participants comprised the only information captured during this part of the session. The facilitator than led the group to the second part of the session, which entailed answering the remaining questions as presented in the Focus Group Guide (Appendix I). Participants contributed their ideas to inform the design of a Surry YISH, which took approximately 2.5 hours to complete. Information was captured by drawings, and comments were recorded on provided paper or on a flip chart (please see Appendix J). The facilitator scheduled a short break for the research participants. For the last 30 minutes, participants were offered a catered meal together as a way to foster group dynamics and to appreciate research participants for

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