It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 34 “collaborative and collective” approach would lead to “inclusivity” as opposed to one that encourages “competition” (FG). Although research participants reported that they would like to have services integrated, the issue of information sharing must be taken into consideration (FG). Research participants expressed the importance of sharing information amongst site practitioners as a trauma-informed approach (i.e., not having to retell difficult stories), but they felt that information should only be shared on-a-need-to-know bases (FG). A participant iterated that it is not relevant for their “PO to know about [their] sexual health” (FG). Finding 3: A site where young people and their families can effortlessly access relevant and timely services . Research participants expressed that a Surrey YISH that offers “immediate and accessible” services is important (FG). Participants shared that the delay of accessing needed services contributes to their decline in health (FG). Focus group participants reported that they have experienced waiting several months to access mental health support when they required it immediately. They expressed that the current “way is not good.” Participants shared that the current “session-based” model is “inflexible” has “waitlist,” and they also expressed that “if you miss two appointments,” it may jeopardize services (FG). Focus group participants expressed that a Surrey YISH should be a place where those in need of support can access “private” and “immediate” confidential services when required sharing that this support should be available “right now and not in seven months.” Furthermore, participants shared that currently, services are usually offered during traditional hours and that consumers “always have to fit into core hours” of operation, which often conflicts with school schedules, expressing that appointments are usually scheduled during school

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