It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 36 had an understanding of “inter-generational issues” (FG). Having options to various forms of healing approaches that “go beyond CBT [Cognitive Behavioral Therapy]” or “DBT [Dialectical Behaviour Therapy]” modalities were noted as important points (FG). It was shared that although treatments such as CBT and DBT may be useful for some, they felt that these approaches may not work for everyone (FG). It was testified by a participant that these forms of treatment did not work for them and that it left them “feeling a bit hopeless” (FG). Participants expressed that other forms of healing, such as “EMDR [Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing],” “EFT [Emotional Focused Therapy],” and forms of spiritual practices, were also effective methods of healing that should be noted (FG). Participants expressed that it is important for individuals who walk through the doors of a Surrey YISH to have “access to persons who ‘knows’ [what to do] and can help” (FG). In addition, they stated that it would be beneficial if “all staff and peer support were cross navigators” and had the ability to guide individuals in the right direction to access applicable services (FG). To exercise family inclusiveness, participants expressed that forging unity with family groups, such as “Family Smart” would support parents, care givers, or whoever the young person identifies as family, would be a positive strategy (FG). Participants shared that strengthening the relationship between the police and the youth would lead to promising results. They expressed that having a non-uniform police liaison connected to the YISH would encourage young people to establish trusting relationships between youth and these first responders. They shared that this strengthened relation may transcend into young people accessing emergency services sooner. They added that having a positive connection to police would encourage young people to “change [their] image of the [police] so people will . . . see them as safe” (FG). The services that survey respondents identified as a priority for a Surrey

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