It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery



Acknowledgement My engaged leadership project would not have been possible without the contribution of my project partner, Christine Mohr, Chief Executive Officer of Options Community Services (OCS). Christine’s dedication to modeling collaborative partnership and encouraging community initiatives that promote shared leadership amongst Surrey service providers was a key component to this research. I would also like to thank Tammy, Deputy Executive Director, my direct supervisor, for also supporting me through this journey. Youth, too, kindly created the space and resources for me to conduct research and also carved time out of their busy schedules to support my project. I would like to thank the inquiry team that supported my research, the OCS Youth Services team, that ensured my research tools would not incur harm on project participants; my Royal Roads colleague, Vanessa Lesprance, who assisted my project by vetting research inquiries; Diane Laverdure, a highly skilled facilitator, who created a safe and welcoming space for a focus group; and Cody Jaques, an amazing youth practitioner and community youth mentor, who supported the recruitment of research participants. I further would like to thank the amazing Royal Roads University faculty and all of my Royal Roads family, especially the Peacocks, for providing timely encouragement and also modeling the way of great leadership. Forgunity! Finally, I must create space to thank my incredible family and dedicated friends for supporting me through my research journey. I especially would like to express my love and acknowledgement for the patience of my husband during the long study nights and weekends, the cheerleading of my daughter Alexis and niece Tisha, and the comic relief and kind listening ears of life teams.

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