It Matters to Me: Informing Youth Services Delivery

IT MATTERS TO ME: INFORMING YOUTH SERVICES DELIVERY 48 with youth) and at-risk youth together proved to increase youth’s resilience, trust in adults, and program completion. These programs also proved to benefit the grandparent services providers, as they expressed that it was a rewarding experience (Freedman & Jaffe, 1993; VanderVen, 2004). This recommendation will be promoted through a PowerPoint presentation to the SWRYISC. Recommendation 4: OCS to share with the SWRYISC the benefits of incorporating outdoor programs in the delivery of services . The connection between youth health and outdoor space is a strong theme that resonated with this project. This study has strengthened the concept that youth having a connection to land is a beneficiary to good health. Findings 1, 5, and 6 and Conclusion 3 spoke to the benefit of including outdoor spaces in a YISH. Conducting programs outdoors, such as gardening, farming, physical activity, and social gatherings, as a part of program delivery will provide holistic benefits (Clark, 2001). Incorporating outdoor physical activities can have significant physical health benefits (Metzgar, 2012). Connection to land can also support emotional health such as increased self-esteem (Eigenschenk et al., 2019). This recommendation will be promoted through a PowerPoint presentation to the collaborative. Implications The goal of this project was to inform the design of a YISH through the lens of youth allies, which could support a Foundry site(s) in Surrey, BC. Although Surrey has established strong partnerships, evident through the SWRYISC, recommendations that came out of this ELP may have implementation challenges. A buy-in is required for supporting a YISH model that exercises non-competitive partnership by community service providers, including those partners that are identified as the backbone agencies. This may require OCS encouraging community partners in shifting their mental models of youth service delivery. It will be the role of OCS to continue to

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